live a heaven on earth; a path to happiness - Part 3/7

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In previous post, which you can find it here Dr. Lipton opened the case of "poor dad and rich dad" from Robert Kiyosaki and explained how a poor child will be programmed by a poor father to stay poor!

Now let's move on and see how he proposes parents to change a program they are unconsciously insert in to their children's mind.

"give me a child until age seven and I will show you the man. They've been saying it for 400 years because they knew seven years was the program, period. And ninety five percent of your life after that will be whatever that program is. Your life is a printout of your subconscious behavior.

so you don't have to try and think about what happened. I just say, look at your life, the things you like that come into your life.

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Come in because you have a program that supports them. But anything you struggle with work hard. Put a lot of effort into making it happen. Why are you working so hard? Inevitably, you have a program that doesn't support that conclusion and you're trying to override the program.

So you don't need to do a lot of shrink and psychology stuff. You just look at your life and say, where are my struggling? Because wherever you're struggling, inevitably is a program in your subconscious that does not support that destination.

You've been looking for the conscious mind, is creative and can learn in any number of ways. Read a self-help book. Go to elektro. Listen to this program and conscious minds going to get some awareness. And I go, Yeah. But subconscious mind doesn't learn at Wango.

Ryan doesn't. Subconscious mind learns in two fundamental ways. Naturally, hypnosis, which is the first seven years, and after age seven, how do you put new programs in repetition practice? You want to drive a car you didn't loan. Learn how by just getting in the seat for the key and you had to practice driving the car. You want to learn the alphabet?

How many times did you go from A to Z, you know, try to go to. Is that before you can complete it? Once you've completed it. You didn't have to go back and do it again. So two phases. You want to train the subconscious mind. Hypnosis, repetition. I like the last one because there's a new phrase that's bandied about called Fake It Till You Make It.

Meaning if you're not a happy person so you won't be a happy person, then repeat all the time."

End of part 3

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