Life is a Ponzi Scheme

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Bobby: I watched them run towards the betting window with high hopes and no plan. That wasnt gonna be me.

Fat Lawyer: You didnt bet?

Bobby: I bet, I bet but first I figured out where the sharp action was. Where those who had a plan were.

This is from a 30 second clip of Billions and for weeks, it's lingered with me like a silent prayer stuck in the throat of an old monk.

Been thinking. Yeah no shit sherlock as if that's news.

I am always thinking.

Why exactly do people who have, have and those that dont, dont?

What did they really do?

Was it even down to what they did?

If so, what was that? Reading tons of books? Scoring high grades in school? What?

Or was it just knowing some cold hard truths of life and working from there while the rest of their peers shuffled between the mass controlled media and the mafia controlled religions in search of their "passion"?

I am of the opinion that it has a lot to with value detection. And of the greater opinion that "big brain" or "revelation" has nothing to do with it. Value detection is just a method.

What's more crazy is that these methods are heuristics we tend to overlook.

The Earlier The Better
The earlier you learn the latest programming language the better.

Again, The Earlier The Better
The earlier you put yourself in the top 1% of that programming language, the better.

The earlier you put yourself in the top 1% of the top 1%, the better. And so on and so forth.

Scarcity Determines Value
The only reason the first adopters of a hotshot programming language get jobs and are paid disproportionately is because at that time, they were far and between. Once the crowd arrived and everyone with a laptop could code, building of websites went from N500 000 to N5 000.

Life is a ponzi scheme.


Being "authentic" and just doing your own thing is best. Nobody else can replace what you can uniquely give. Anyway, it's not really a ponzi scheme, but I get what you mean :p

Being "authentic" and just doing your own thing is best

True. Also automatically puts you in the top 1% of the you in you. No wonder people struggle to be successful when they copy others.