myself #7 : My Nightlife

in #life3 years ago


Nightlife is quiet.

It is time for us to think more about our lives

Sits at a corner of a coffee shop, looking out on the busy street. The bitter taste of coffee helps me absorb all bitterness of life.

I may not have stumbled.

But I understand that when I fall down, no one will come to help.

Out there, they have to win the chance to survive, they always fight for themselves. me too.

But I love life full of adventure and challenge.

I do not like a quiet life! Sit back a bit, think a little, and get up.

Tomorrow I will continue to fight for myself!


That should be the spirit "Tomorrow I will come to fight for myself!"
Life has different colors sometimes it's colorful when we are and sometimes it's blue and grey or maybe even black. Whatever the color of life we should stand for ourselves and take the challenges and next we will be a better person inside and out. Let it pass and tomorrow is a brand new day to be happy and get ready for whatever happens. Have a good one! cheers! :)

Good post :)

I really like your posts, keep the spirit and be the best.

I thought there is no sleeping in Vietnam. Even in nights people are partying hard!
I think it's true that everybody's fighting for themselves. Keep fighting!

Even in the dream, we still have to struggle

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