"3 Ways to Attract Positivity in your Daily Life"

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Hey you! Yes you, Start to live your life as positive as it can be. The final decision is in our hands the moment we decided positivity to dwell in us. I have learned that when I started to embrace positivism, it lead me with good outcomes in different aspects of life. No matter what kind of curveballs life throws my way, I owe it in my optimism to continue this thing called "life". Positivity is truly important that it gives positive impacts in our lives in many ways.

Here are three ways to attract positivity in your daily life, because if it works for me, then it can work for you too :)

Every morning I took a smile on my face as I greet everyone a happy morning so this is not really new for me. One good friend of mine told me before that he started smiling when he would wake up and it would actually start his day with good vibes. I'll tell you guys that it works because our mind is conditioned to think that smiling means happiness and joy, thus it causes a positive effect on your psychological state.

It's the small things that compose the big things. Be thankful because you're alive and kickin' to face another day of your life, for the comfortable bed under your body, the clothes that you wear , breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen, because you have people who love you most. It is these little things that make us who we are as a person, and without these little things, we actually wouldn't be where we are at this very moment. Life could be way worse. But it's really not. It's good, life is so damn good.

Positive people only lift and raises each other up, while negative people drag down everyone else around them. Think of positivity as lightness, while negativity a heavy load that will pull you down and drown you. Always remember that when you surround yourself with optimistic people, everything will follow. You will feel light and effortless, leaving more room in your life for happiness to grow and grow. I think negativity often creeps up at each of us to keep the world a little bit more balanced -- and if you can make the choice to be more optimistic than negative, I promise you a great difference will take impact in your life.


lakas maka tama ah

akoy nawawala

Dry fish ulam ko at okra ngayon dinner--- maraming salamat sa ulam ko ngayon na okra at Buwad nawawala naman ang kalam ng sikmura ko , thank you, thank you, thank you!

“Surround yourself with positive people.” Very trueeee!!! Happiness starts with a good and happy environment.. 💛💛💛