Sometimes the Questions are Complicated and the Answers are Simple.

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This is a Post for People Who are Experts in Your Field.

I love Dr. Seuss quotes because they are simplified to the point that anyone can understand. It seems every day people private message me across social media about how to make money online, how to buy bitcoin, how to use Steemit and a myriad of other questions. The key to my sanity is to keep my answers simple.

If you have any level of influence online or in every day life you know exactly what I am talking about. There are also different types of people who ask questions.

Types of People Who Ask Questions.

The straightforward, "I just need a quick answer because I really don't know or can't figure something out".

These people are the most common type and generally make me feel great because they know that I know and were not afraid to ask me a question. Plus they value my time by keeping the question simple.

The Discombobulated, "Can you explain to me the theory of relativity in relation to dark matter in the center of an ant hill?"

I don't why people think I have all day to answer their long drawn out questions. For these types I like to refer to past articles I had written or I tell them to check out encyclopedia Youtube.

The ASKHole, "Can you, would you, do you, I need, help me, you are the expert?"

These are the people that ask you questions relentlessly yet never seem to listen to your advice. They are my kryptonite.

Now I Don't Pretend to be Something I am Not.

One of my shortcomings in life is patience. I really have very little. This means that teaching, education or any sort of environment where I have to take someone from point A to point B via instruction is usually going to end up being frustrating for both parties. This is why I choose to write. When people ask me how to dominate in social media I just let them know I wrote many articles on Steemit about the subject. Hell, I literally told you everything we do it just takes a little effort and time to read and implement.

Even if I don't know something the first place I go is Youtube. I personally ask others very few questions. Almost anything you want to know today is available online.

Just a Reminder to Dr. Seuss that sometimes the questions are simple but the answers are difficult. Just have a conversation with a kid and you will see.


Definitely nuggets of wisdom... keeping it simple is definitely key to also keeping it short, and manageable.

"Askhole." That made me laugh!

best way to work on that patience i found is to exercise it lol which hurts

Most of the time the opposite is true.
The question is simple but the answer is not.

Yup, that was the final line. It is so true.

If you can't explain it simply enough, you don't know it well enough. Or something that messy-haired guy said.

I think these days there aren't many people with the patience to have a question and find or listen to an answer. They want the knowledge/skill uploaded directly to their brain instantly. Eventually, they will get their wish but I don't think they will be happy with the outcome.

The ability to ask a question and discover the answer (not have it given) is being lost. This leads nowhere good for humanity.

Broham, golden nuggets of info as usual. Keeping it simple and keeping it real, nice post @hilarski.

Great insights, but that last line is the best. Just followed you -- looking forward to more!

Right back at ya!

On point!!! Awwe I so love your post @hilarski. Thanks a lot for sharing. :D

Usually we get tangled up to solve things. Very good and for that reason RESTEEM

Normally, thus is life.

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