Our Son Was Born Today on The Birthday of Bitcoin, How Fitting!

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Today #TeamHilarski Added a New Member, Maximus Scott Hilarski.

As I sit here in the hospital room I am thinking about symbolism. On this day January 3rd, 2009 the Genesis block of Bitcoin was initiated. This actually brings a tear to my eye because it is Bitcoin that has broken the burdens of financial slavery and given us the means to live an amazing life outside the bonds of debt.

Our son will be born into a life where he gets to make choices based on his wants and desires. This is something that @AnabellHilarski and I did not have. We were raised within a system that had clear boundaries. If you dared try to break out of those boundaries you were summarily punished by both society and family.


The Bitcoin Journey.

Back in 2011 I first began my journey in Bitcoin. My Silver and Gold background taught me to not trust the system of debt that I was raised in. It also taught me that taking responsibility for my own financial future was paramount to a life of freedom. When "Magic Internet Money", first entered my life I learned all I could. I watched videos, opened accounts across the web, make a myriad of mistakes worth a small fortune but through it all I found my path.

Then my excitement for this new technology wore off on my wife. She jumped on board and trusted me all along the way. It would have been much more difficult if she did not believe in what we were doing.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency has now made a major impact on not just me but all those around me including my family. I want to thank all the Satoshi Nakamoto's in my life. There are so many of you but if you are my friend and you are in Crypto then I want to send you a virtual hug. We Are Winning!

Thank you to my dear wife for making it through these 9 months and bringing this little bundle of Crypto joy into the world!

Sorry there will not be any public images of Maximus Scott Hilarski. Just know he is with us but we are choosing to stay private with the images. He is so freaking adorable!


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Congratulations, it sure is a blessing . My son was born 4 months ago and even though it’s tough at first , I’m not going to lie , it doesn’t get easier yet . Lots of sleepless nights but enjoy the little moments


Congratulations Dear @hilarski . Enjoy your moments. The coming of a little baby will be blessed for you. thanks bro! have a good year

Congrats Randy!

Wow, what a symbolic date - if this is not a good omen, then I don´t know what is :)
Whish you all the best with your new life - have fun and watch it grow! They grow so fast, so enjoy every moment!

Congratulations @hilarski on the arrival of your son. May he grow in knowledge and may his value be far beyond that of bitcoin and all other crypto coins put together.

I wish you a happy new year. there will be no success of a husband, unless there is a good wife to support all the work of her husband. I love your life. thanks so much sir.

Today #TeamHilarski Added a New Member, Maximus Scott Hilarski.
Congratulations & bless to be genius like your mom & dad~

It's interesting to know your son was born on same birthday as Bitcoin. Somehow I think it's not a coincidence. Congratulations on the birth of your son.

Oh, what joy to hear those news!!! Life will be upside down from now on :) Love your way! Kiss that Angel Boy and @anahilarski

Congratulations man! That's awesome! :)

Congratulations! You should have named him Maximus Scott Satoshi Hilarski :)

Now is when the joys begin. My son is nearly 16 months old. You're in for some exciting times!!!

Awesome name for your baby. It has the vibe of a gladiator-ish name. More crypto babies to come @hilarski. God bless! :)

Congratulations and good luck with the little guy.

happy birthday btc and very wellcome junior hilarski.

I am new on Steemit i write about cryptocurrency please follow me @berdaosk and upvote thanks for supporting me :)

A MILLION congratulations to you and the new addition to your family. This must be one of the best days of your life! It is so funny that he happened to be born on this day out of all days too lol. Definitely respect your decision to keep your child's life private by not sharing photos :)

Wow! Congratulations Sir Hilarski. Same day steem hits an all time high of $8.2 USD. Judging by the bitcoin history it wouldn't be wrong to call him Bede or Bee as a nickname.

Enjoy your time @hilarski
With your sweetheart

Welcome to earth Maximus Scott Hilarski. This is best time of your life enjoy this.

Wow great life enjoy and beautiful story.

Wish your all the best

Congratulations on your hardfork!

A great day for a genesis block :)

Welcome to the world Maximus Scott! You are in good hands.

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you. What a cool name he has! To be born on this day is very interesting. Coincidence or some sign from above...who knows.

Congrats on the bitcoin baby. Maybe you should create an ICO token for him.

congrats really great..best of luck

congratulations sir

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Today is great day. @hilarski


giphy (57).gif

"Maximus Scott Hilarski" -Welcome to the steemit for a new BTC baby.

My congrats @hilarski & @anahilarski.

That is so cool... congrats!!!

Many Many Congratulations to you @hilarski and @anahilarski on the Birth of your Son.

your Son Brought more happiness, prosperity and joy in your life.

May he live long and Stay Blessed.

Congratulations to you and your wife!!!! I still remember like if it was yesterday when my son was born 21 years ago....

Hi @hilarski, This post is so thrilling,exiting and bit emotional. We're definitely lucky to be alive in these times and the credit goes to crypto currency revolution. Be part of the 1% was a far reaching dream 6months back but it no more is. By the way, I mentioned you in my recent post.Please take a look. Thanks for being the right crypto guide.

Happy Birthday Maximus Scott Hilarski.

Steem On!

congrats my friend dont forget to open an steemit account to ur bby

Congratulations! sir
Best of the best

Wish your and family all the best

Congratulations to you! What a wonderful blessing. I, too, am surrounded by non-believers in the crypto space, and people are just tolerating me and shaking their heads. I'll show them. Hee. Enjoy your new family member.

100% like and resteem

Congrats on the bitcoin birthday.

Welcome to the club Randy!!! It's a lot of fun and a life changer. Congrats!!

congrats for being a parents for both of you. Hoping all the best for him, and his future. 😃😃

Fitting indeed! Congratulations!

Congratulations @hilarski and long life to Maximus Scott
Hope mom gets well soon

Congrats and welcome to Maxium Scott in the crypto world :)

it looks amazing. Your wife is wonderful in giving support to you. happy new year sir .. good luck always for team hilarski.

Congratulations to you both! What a perfect birthday for you and your family to celebrate. May Maximus make his mom and Dad proud.

Wow during last 4 days I am continuously hearing good news about STEEM and all crypto things that I invested! But today I heard the best!

Junior Hilarski

born today! It's not only that news! He born on the day all crypto things born!
So, Junior Hilarski welcome to planet earth - crypto ara! I wish you a great future with millions of success stories and you got a greatest parents on earth! God bless you all!

Cheers~ (Celebration mode - ON)


Thank you Brotha, it is a beautiful day.


Definitely bro, you reminds me the day my son born! It will not forget, ever never! Congratz bro!



Congrats friends for the beautiful and amazing experience of your life. It's a miracle that he is coming out in the same date. Thanks for sharing your great experience and struggle to us which is very important lesson for us. Enjoy your fatherhood, Love and blessings to little hilarski.

Hey @hilarski sir...
My cogratulation...wow..I think you are one of better father in this platform..
We want celebrate it...hahahaha..

Well, a hearty congratulations to you @hilarski and @anahilarski-- that's awesome news! And, indeed, what an auspicious day given what you guys have dedicated your lives to!

Here's wishing all three of you a wonderful 2018!

Congratulations hilarski. I wonder what the world will be like whenever Scott reaches 18?

This is really good news, congratulations! All the best to your newborn son, may his future be without boundaries!

Congratulations! @hilarski!
May the divinity bless upon your family.


Congratulations @hilarski! Sir.😊


My heartiest congratulations for born new bitcoin baby.


Nice story sir. And congratulations sir now you are a father.You always uploads interesting and important post sir.I also Upvote and resteem your post.Upvote and resteem done.

Congratulations on the birth of your son. From raising my own kids, it might be tough at first but it's definitely worth it.

Congratulationssss ....!

Congrats to your Wife and to you! Yes indeed we are winning! 🤗

Being a parents is blessing of god you are lucky congrats of your son birthday.may he live long with positive thoughts and acts

Felicitaciones por Máximo y por todos los aciertos tuyo y de tu esposa.

Happy Birthday to your son and congrats to you and your wife)

A huge congrats @hilarski on your healthy baby boy! Thanks for sharing that journey again as well. No public images is a good idea!! You guys get some rest!

wow i am happy for you congratulation

being a father is a great responsibility as well as happiness

and this is a dance for your son birth

Congratulations to team @hilarski on the birth of Maximus Scott! What a joyous time for the little one to enter the world. All the best to the three of you!

He is Satoshi Nakamoto reborn, probably you can name your Son after this brilliant guy...

Heartiest Congratulations :)

This post really made me cry. And also I realized that how much love do you do with your family and at the same time with steemian community. Blessing for you and specially for your son. While reading these lines tears are in my eyes:

Really it is Bitcoin that has broken the burdens of financial slavery and given us the means to live an amazing life outside the bonds of debt.
Our son will be born into a life where he gets to make choices based on his wants and desires. This is something that @AnabellHilarski and I did not have. We were raised within a system that had clear boundaries. If you dared try to break out of those boundaries you were summarily punished by both society and family.

I must say Thanks to our beautiful sister @AnabellHilarski for giving strength to you and finally you're able to create quality blogs for us. Dear @hilarski you're so blessed that you have a Great wife.

There are so many of you but if you are my friend and you are in Crypto then I want to send you a virtual hug. We Are Winning!

Thanks for your * virtual hug* Same is from my side. Stay Blessed Friend!

Thats awesome hilarski!!! Your baby is gonna love bitcoin! XD

A very big congratulation to you @hilarski
I wish your sun will get lots of success in life.it would be great to see him here on steemit.
My great wishes are always with you all. Again congratulation

Wow, Congrats.
All the best, Whish you all the best with your new life - have fun and watch it grow!
Lots of sleepless nights but enjoy the little moments!!!
@hilarski. God bless

CONGRATULATIONS @hilarski AMIGO!!!! Im sure Maximus Scott Hilarski is a strong, healthy and beautiful baby!!!! :) enjoy paternity!

Congrats!!! some day in the future he will father's bitcoins so super fitting he born on this date :)

happy Birthday

This is so awesome! Maximus Scott Hilarski was born under a truly good star as we say in Germany. I am so happy for you guys and wish you the very best year of 2018! Lots of love from Berlin, Gemany, the Satoshi Warriors have gained a new knight in the magical ninth year of existence, we shall be victorious! Maximus Scott, what a name!

Happy birthday to you! Congratulations hilarski

Long live Bitcoin! Long Live Steemit! Long live #teamhilarski. Birthday Greeting Maximus!

I am so happy for you both!🎈 Congratulations!



Congratulations @hilarski and long life to Maximus Scott
Hope mom gets well soon..
happy birthday to you..

Hello @hilarski,

Congratulations for the extraordinary good news that you brought today. Your & Ana's dream the new member to the family just came true. Wish you all a successful future.
The baby :- Welcome to the family hilarski.


@hilarski - Congratulations Sir, my day started with this good news... <3


Wow wow wow Hello Angel!!!!!

congratulations for the good news & he is my name suggestion Maximus Scott Crypto Hilarski @hilarski

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Today #TeamHilarski Added a New Member - Congratulations Randy & Ana


verry good picture !! and verry good post

Congratulations hilarski...its a very happy news to you and your family kembers and our friends god bless to your child...its a intresting to know your son born on the same day of bitcoin born... i hope that your son will become a biliniar in future...enjoi the days with your son...@hilarski

Congratulations @

Congrats to become a father & welcome Maximus...!!!

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Nice photography..good luck succes always..beautiful natural scenery,
with a very beautiful color.where is the position of the photograph?
thank you friends have shared

Ha, congratz to both of you, well done :-)

Congratulations Randy and Anabell! Now everything will be different. Maximus is going to be a champ. So happy for you all.


may god bless you

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Yay yay yay - what a poetic day!!!!!
Hugs and kisses all around XOXOXO
Welcome to the world, little guy!!!! And way to go Ana - you di it!!!!!
Sending you tons of love & infinite blessings 💛💛💛

congratulations! I'm happy. Welcome new Boy Hehehe

Congratulations! Be careful in your trading if you're not getting much sleep for awhile! ; )

Congrats , for your son birthday .
I never know the birthday of bitcoin . But I know today.Thank you.

My congratulations to you and your family.

Have a great day.