Motocyclist Knocked Unconscious Going 140 MPH and Survives!steemCreated with Sketch.

in life •  8 months ago

This Video Blew My Mind.

This Just Proves that Some Things are Not in Our Control.

A piece of another motorcycle broke off and hit the rider in the helmet knocking him unconscious. Somehow his body manages to stay on the motorcycle long enough to get to the grass. There were no injuries reported!

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Shit... Bad thinks

Lucky for him.
Glad he is safe.
Off course as a group our actions can make or break any endeavor just like steemit.
Any reckless behavior can jeopardize the whole system.
High speed like this, attention to detail is paramount.
It is up to each steemian to act appropriately and advance this platform for our benefit

Keep on steemit!!

bad time to take a nap!!!

unlucky sometime it happens accidently, thanks god the biker has no injury. thanks for sharing

OMG, it's too bad crash but nice to hear that he is safe.

That's a great video. Speed of bike is amazing.. And thank god he is now safe

Wow, lucky guy! (well...unlucky too, but lucky in the end xD)

I was expecting another crazy biker on the highway and a car involved in the accident (because we all know how much people driving cars care about motorcyclists).

how the f** he survived?

What God was with him. Those who survived his life

Does this includes any further message related to the crypto markets this period? I keep the "no injuries reported".

Wow, I never believed in God, but events like these in my personal life have converted me to a believer!

good joob
thank you for sharing


Dam... Omg...

Oh! not control? 100% like and resteem

OMG it's bounce between Luck and UnLuck.
UnLuck:- Hit something on helmet and unconscious
Luck:- He was not felt out of the bike until it went to the grass

Great video and thank you very much for sharing with us!


Oh wow! That is so crazy! It is amazing that he was able to stay on the bike until he hit the grass. This might have been a different story if he would have been run over by another biker. Wow!

this is crazy, with this super fast speed he should be dead. you could say it was a miracle he got. especially with such circumstances. in indonesia my country. not a few who experienced such events. even more.
let alone Indonesia maniac country with things like that without fear and without thinking the risks faced @hilarski

bad accident glad they are safee creepyy

wow great video ,thanks for sharing

good joob...nice video
thank you for sharing.

bike great video! Did he save his life?

I do remember there was a video where a guy crashed on a motorcycle into the car and stayed on the roof. Luck is precious.

speed can take your life from you, be safe and thanks for alive.

Le mec à de la chance de rester en vie !!

Awesome Crash Gald He is Safe :)

amigo #resteemia at your service

definitely he is a lucky guy. nice video @hilarski

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

...his riding gear saved him. Wear it when riding, always.

OMG! Is it really, yes you are right, something is not in our hands. We have a belief in India that" If God protect you nobody do any harm to you " Thanks for sharing such an amazing fact. Have a great time friend happy steeming.

its a miracle.thank to god he is safe..anyway we all should be careful when going on roads :)

very bad.

Your publications are really wonderful
I am following you
He continued

Nice video

It wasn't his time to go. His angels intervening?

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The rider is okey, to anyone wondering.

dammm he was lucky enough

so bad crash
Thanks for sharing such great post with us!

@hilarski - A lucky rider of the day Sir. Survives without major injuries is a miracle Sir. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]