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The Daily Struggle Was Real.

Who am I? Why don't I fit into this world? Why don't my family and friends understand me? Why do I feel like I am all alone drifting aimlessly through life? Is this all there is? Why do I feel like everyone is happy just the way things are? What can I do to make the change?

This was essentially how I thought and felt every day of my life after I left the US Navy. I wandered from town to town, relationship to relationship, job to job and nothing seemed to be the answer to fill that giant hole of fulfillment. I absolutely hated the direction my life was taking.

The Return to My Roots.

In August 2008 I made the decision to return home to Rochester, NY which is where my family is from. Trust me, this was never in the plans. There were some private reasons that brought me back but believe me if I had my druthers I would have never returned.

After a few months I decided to find work. I was a Master VW car salesman so I stopped by the VW dealership and I was hired on the spot. I started working the next day. I no longer wanted to work in health care and if I was going to move back home I was going to take a job that I enjoyed. It took me a few years to receive that certification from VW so I leveraged what I had.

Then in January I bought a house near the Zoo in the city. Read the post here, "How I Bought a HUD Foreclosure, Rehabbed it, Lived in it, Sold it for Profit." It was a great move and I absolutely loved that house. Once again I owe so much to my parents for helping me with that project.

The Song, "Roots" by Imagine Dragons Sums Up My Experience Going Home.

The Drudgery.

So I did what most middle aged people do. I went to work every day, paid my bills and lived paycheck to paycheck. I would escape the rat race by taking a trip every year. I went to Ethiopia one year and twice to Panama. Whenever I was on vacation I would feel so free. That feeling I had when I was traveling was the experience I wanted every day of my life. Not just the few weeks of the year when I would escape.

Cutting the Cord.

Then in 2010 I decided I would start my preparation to expatriate. I did not tell my Mom @Sunscape right away because I had financial obligations regarding the house and I knew it would worry her. So I quietly laid plans. Then in May 2011 after a few trips to Panama I made the full move. I found a renter that would take care of my house and I cut all the rest of my ties to the USA.

I also made the move with less than $5k in my pocket. I was told I was crazy. I took a position that paid 100% commission in Panama before I even left. If I did not return home I might have never realized that I needed to leave my comfort zone. I had to take a huge gamble and what was the worst thing that could happen? I could always return to a life I hated and a house I loved.

This is Surreal!

Within a few months of my arrival in Panama I was flying high. I was offered a partnership in a marketing company with a German and South African firm and I was off to the races. Finally I found my tribe! I was living in a beautiful condo, enjoying life and I met @AnaHilarski at the office. We married in 2012 and life has been grand ever since. Now we are launching our 4th company in five years. Three were successful!

Sure, I have had some ups and downs since then but similar to Bitcoin my trend is to the moon!

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Great story, even if I read it too late for upvoting it. I am still thinking myself to do a similar step one day ... Panama actually could be an option ...

Very fascinating life story @hilarski. Steem on!

That's a very inspiring story. I'm glad you had the courage and insight to make a change.

I've been wanting to get out of the US this past year since I've been asking myself the same questions. Looking to pack a few things and just try Acapulco, Mexico out. Any tips on an expat network of people that offer advise or help?


Join TDV @DollarVigilante on Facebook. Jeff is headquartered there and the Anarcho-Capitalist community is super strong there.


Thanks, but tried already. After months of not being accepted into the facebook group I just gave up and canceled the sub. Great info for investing though. Glad I learned about EOS there. That was the reason I chose Acapulco though, after watching Jeff's dog walk videos I started looking into it.

This is not an article for me! This is a great lesson which can lead/inspire us for a great success! Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience with us! I wish success for your 4th company as well!


Beautiful story and I am pleased that you have shared it..thanks for sharing @hilarski

Congratulations for having the courage to leave your comfort zone and start a new life. I feel like I don't have this strength, but I hope I will gain it some day!

Fantastic post. Very inspiring. Really liked your detailed post.

similar to Bitcoin my trend is to the moon!


Sure, I have had some ups and downs since then but similar to Bitcoin my trend is to the moon!

That's the spirit! Positivity can get you very far in life. Not many people have the courage to leave their comfort zone, but you took the leap of faith and it worked out. Great to hear! :)

Congratulations @hilarski
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Exceptional article with motivation and inspiration of life experience of yours. Congratulations for the newest business...!!!

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Very inspiring story, these are the kind of insights I love to read about, particularly from people who have gone the full circle. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for stopping by @Sweetsssj. High Five to your success as well.

Hi man sorry but i have to make the following question. what do you think about the future of steemit and dtube etc... and about the price of steem for 2018? i want to hear your opinion and if you want to make apost about it i'm glad to read it. Regards


I should make a post about it. I will in the coming days.


Thanks man :)

Such a great story, Randy. Thanks for sharing this peek into your journey so far. I love this kind of stuff. I have a similar desire to "get out of doge" as they say and travel the world more. Hanging out in Lisbon just got me wanting to do that even more.


Lisbon was great! I could see the excitement in your eyes. Your passion was on fire Brotha!

Beautiful story and I am pleased that you have shared it with us, because in your life story it says everything honestly and frankly! Thank you for sharing @hilarski

fantastic post, that's why taking right decisions at right time is absolutely important in life just like taking a profit at right time in cryptos, you work hard initially and it pays off, Stay blessed and wishing you a very joyful life ahead.

i like this video. nice home

I read all your story regarding struggle, buy your own home near zoo etc like it. Very inspiring.

really nice post & super video.... like it so much...re-steem

Brilliant video. I really like it.200_s.gif

Upvote/ Resteem.

life is always consist of ups and downs and i am glad you manage it with great skills and thoughts, you are a great person and i wish you will get more and more success.

Hearing about your success makes me smile, Randy. I'm glad you were able to escape. ;)

At 67, I'm still working on my escape plan... :O




It's all good! Here in Panama the largest expat community is the over 60 crowd. They get all kinds of privileges.

An interesting story. I like your story @hilarski. . . Steem on!

Thanks for sharing some insight into @hilarski. As I mentioned in the lobby of the hotel, we are in the same choir. I look forward to getting to know you more and who knows where the possibilities may lead. Perhaps a trip to Panama is in order.



You were already there once so it is not a stretch to do it again. Living where you are now is almost like living in another land anyways. It was great to meet you and @Gringalicious!

An incredibly inspiring story! I never thought I’d be able to cut the cord and live a life of freedom but I’ve accomplished it. We’re not 100% where we want to be yet but are getting closer every day. None of it would’ve been possible without Steemit. Now that I see how much better life is on the other side my only regret is not making the choice earlier. Cheers my friend!

Awesome video with wonderful description @hilarski.
Upvote & resteemed.

This post is really inspiring and I like the fact that you did not leave your wife @AnaHilarski out of the entire success story, unlike some men who will achieve success and forget the woman who stood by them all through.
I like men like you who recognize the effort of heir wife in their lives.


She is my rock. I would have been successful regardless but what is success if you can't share the journey with someone you love?


you are correct and I like your spirit, my warm regards to her

Inspiring post you have posted.
So informative..
Be entrepreneur....every work will be solved

To find a way to out of Drudgery you made the success of your entire life. Pretty amazing nah?~

What questions u made in starting of your article.. these questions are not only your questions.. everyday we face these questions.. it always nostalgic to return home.. interesting article.. as well as the song was marvelous!

Thanks for the personal revelations and candor with us. This is very moving. I sense I might be a bit older than you but I am reaching I guess what they call a mid-life crisis. At present, I am stuck. There is a lot that excites me about the future but the day-to-day grind of a job in a dying industry working for a company intent on killing things off quicker than the industry is not real uplifting.

I will have to ponder the comfort zone aspect of things...you hit the nail on the head.

Thanks again for sharing your experience and what you went through.

@hilarski - Sir I never read such long story about you before.... You never talked much about your life & today you revealed your success story.... Your story tells me you love freedom & you love to be an entrepreneur than a person who got a regular job.... You made it well & the way you said you got 3 successful businesses & you wish to start a new one made me inspiration to try like you did Sir.... Congratulations & wish you great success of the new business too Sir.... Nice you decided to share this experience Sir....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

wonderful video and excellent life post. i think you are good writer.

Wow awesome to hear. It’s took a lot of courage.
Hopefully one day I will follow in your footsteps. Malaysia is where I’m eyeing currently. Thanks for sharing sir !!


There are some great things happening in Malaysia.

Wonderful video and great information @hilarski

OMG you had a very difficult position in the past. But thank god you are now becoming so successful only for your good and great decision. Thanks for sharing such a inspirational real story, friend I mentioned about you in my post, actually our Government may take a strong decision about the existence of cryptocurrncy, please have a look if you have time. Wish you both a very beautiful time friends, happy steeming. I want to hear your comments please.


I had it easy compared to billions of people but I always was seeking freedom and I found it.

All the very best for your fourth company...

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :)

Excellent story.

Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good article for the inspiration of meaning of life & stop suffering for the chaos happened. Innovative thinking & risk management brings happiness to the life as yours. Incredible story & wish your next business success also.


So......get out of your comfort zone , it pays in more than one way! Yeah?

At the origins of every successful enterprise there is a bold decision taken. It would not be so if they did not dare. It is necessary to live as the heart prompts

That is an inspiring story hilarski. You figured it out and made it happen. And I remember reading about your house re-hab project, which was a great feat.
What I am most interested in , though, is that your mom is @sunscape!

You two are slamming it out for real. I always enjoy watching you two work as a team, grinding away towards your next goal. Wish you both the best.


I literally married my best friend. It has been an amazing journey and having that support next to you is priceless.

that right decision changed you and steem world found you, a true inspiration story, and also about yiur comfort zone, thanks.

The Way is in the journey, for sure. Glad you settled, man! Nice little inspirational read at 1am with a cup of coffee in my hand :) Cheers @hilarski

Very inspiring. It's not always easy to "go back". Once one is grown and seen and experienced other places, even though you love your "roots", maybe you just want to make your own path.
And, making a good living is a huge part of that path.

love changes everything

awesome story and I am pleased that you have shared it..thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing this part of your story. Good to get to know you better!

It looks like you found a better life. Great to see you both at Steemfest

Similar Story... I am glad I read your post! Instead of Panama... Colombia. I feel the same liberty, freedom that you probably felt in Panama.

Thanks for sharing your story. It is surely not easy to find a way out of the drudgery for the majority of people in the world. But it is nice you have a partnership with big firms, again most people don't have that privilege...I hope people too, can change their lives.

Great journey you had !!!

Absolutely the best decision for your peace of mind and happiness. Now I have an amazing daughter too. Plus I get to enjoy the tropics from time to time. So happy for you son!

'Now we are launching our 4th company in five years. Three were successful!'
Congratulations for the 4th company & hope to hear about 5th Company of yours soon with 4 Successful companies too. Highly inspirational article.

~Followed & Upvoted

This is a great post Randy! I can truly relate. I'm at that point where I must make a similar change. So how did you feel when you decided to go down South? Fully confident? A bit scared? I'm assuming the multiple trips beforehand helped out a ton. Once you've been to a place it's easier to think about migrating there. I want to look into doing the same thing. Panama has even been on my list. Along with Costa Rica and Chile. I"m not looking forward to dealing with the Washington idiots to buy out my slavery contract.

This is a great lesson which can lead/inspire us for a great success..Very fascinating life story @hilarski

You're always an inspiration brother man!

the success story of your life is an motivation for all entrepreneurs of the world. impressive article & wish success @hilarski