The paradox of behavioral change

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Resistance is proportionate not to whether the change is a favorable or an unfavorable one but to the size and the speed of the change. That is, the more you try to change, the faster you go back to your previous lifestyle hence, backsliding.

Meaning of the term “Paradox”
Paradox in an ordinary parlance means something made up of two unbelievable things that are opposite to each other but is actually true and believable or a statement that says two opposite things which may be true.

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Meaning of Behavioral Change
This in an ordinary parlance, simply refers to transformations or alterations of actions, acts or habits of an individual, animals and so on.

The Paradox of Behavioral Change

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This is an opposite proportion of how individuals tends to changing their lives in one go (at once) and how they end up in backsliding (going back to their previous lives) which seems impossible but it’s actually true.

The best way to achieve a new level of equilibrium of life is through small wins every day and not with some radical change. An equilibrium of life is when a change in body system of an individual leads to a similar change in his/her behavior for example, high temperature will lead to becoming weak and sick hence, becoming timid, gentle and dull.

We should work with the fundamentals forces in our lives and not against it, that is focus on changing our normal day rather than changing our normal life hence, having our normal lfe changed naturally as a side effect.

In addition, new habits are developed due to some big changes (factors) which radically changes human behavior, factors such as getting married, graduating from college, having a baby, moving to a new city and others not mentioned.

These changes cultivate new behaviors because staying single or getting divorced is hard, being childless or getting rid of the baby is difficult and finding a new job is not an easy task and these proofs that radical changes works but only under this very circumstances.

What we do fail to realize is that the natural tendency of life is to gain stability and maintain equilibrium, if we go beyond our boundary (beyond our normal performance), we may deviate from equilibrium but the forces in our lives will get us back to equilibrium regardless of the course of our change (either good or bad).

Other factors we should consider as a cause to development of new habits are our thoughts, feelings, memories, bodily sensations, just to mention few. All these factors can trigger a change in human behavior, let’s take feelings as an example.

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The way we behave when we see or when we are beside someone we love or cherish will be absolutely different from the we behave when we see an enemy, someone we despise and at this juncture, equilibrium sets in because a change in an affection for someone equals a similar change in habit and behavior.

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