Education for the disables

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Universally, there are millions of children living with disabilities in this world and in which they are being deprived of their right to education because of their apparent deficiencies. As we all know that education is one of the eminent keys to success in life, it is also one of the best legacies parents can give their children.

Before I buttress my points further, I’ll like to take on two questions and they are as follows; what is “Education”?? And who are the ones referred to as the disables?


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Education is the process of imparting, receiving or acquiring knowledge, skills and ideas either formally or informally.


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The “disables” refers to those people with any mental or physical disabilities, weaknesses or deficiencies due one reason or the other.

As education is very essential in human life, nobody should be deprived of it weather they are physically challenged or not. Let’s take the deaf and dumb as an example. Because they can’t speak or hear what others are saying they should be deprived of the right to go to school? They should be isolated from being educated and become a literate? HELL NO.

There are several ways they can be communicated with and also several ways they can respond without the need to speak. Ways like using gestures, body language, signs, symbols etc. Providing education to people with this type of deficiency is not something that is impossible, a typical example is Haben Girma, who is the first deaf-blind person to graduate from Harvard Law School.

Let’s take the blinds as another example, we shouldn’t say because they are unable to see, they are not worthy of education. They are also humans like us and its only their eyes that are disabled not their brains or ears and there are also different ways in which they can be educated, different ways in which they can respond to teachings and right down things being thought to them.

One of these ways is using “braille”. Braille is a system of writing invented by Louis Braille, in which letters and words are represented by raising dots arranged in three rows of two dots each and are read by the “blinds” and partially sighted using their fingertips. This method helps the blinds to access the same curriculum as their sighted peers, other methods includes recording audio tracks with educative information, the use of touch and hear assistive teaching system(THATS) and in which these methods will be of great help to people with this kind of fate.

Other types of disabilities apart from ones mentioned above includes, handicap, intellectual disability, speech and language disorders etc. and in which people with this type of differences should not be denied and impoverished of the right to education, they should rather be embraced and welcome into learning institutions, they should be given adequate attention and care and they should be treated as the same as their peers.

In conclusion, people with disabilities should not be excluded from education and there should be a transformation of the existing education system in each country to a system where people with disabilities should be a priority in their investment in education.

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