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Here is where that conference took place that I attended. I didn't know before that the Hotel Estrel is the largest of its kind in the whole of Europe.



It is located very near (or right on spot where?) the Berlin Wall used to be. Some pieces of it are exhibited on the plot. Also the entrance area tries to capture some of the graffiti-artistic Berlin flair while embedded in all the spacious luxury.


The congress center was and is to the left though. Yes it had all the buzzwords. More about that in a later post.


After walking seemingly miles through an airport-like gangway, here we are, the "Estrel Convention Center Berlin".


Inside looking out:


All photos shot by myself with a simple phone cam. No macro or other special equipment. Unmodified and not cropped. License: CC-BY-SA.


Nice pictures! Have always wanted to go Germany, looks like a beautiful modern place

I have been to a lot of great parties in that neighborhood. :)

Cool geometric building, sort of gives me math class flashbacks though hahaha.

Thanks for this post.

I "hang out" at the Estrel every year for a week while we have the http://www.ccw.eu conference and tradeshow.

My company has always a booth and the big meetup with the Call Center and Communication Center Market is a blast.

Nice photo! I love berlin.

Nice photos, i have been ther recently.

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