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in #life7 years ago

Shot just for you. You're welcome. :)



Caught me quite by surprise to randomly appear at my place out of nothing. Really strong one. Weird weather conditions lately here too. Almost like April.


Beautiful! nice catch

Love the rainbow!

Catch that in the car? I got a good one while driving too : ) Not as good as yours.

We had very pronounced rainbows, two days last week here in Roswell NM. The second was a double, very similar to those in your pics. Very cool!

Super schön ..

Amazing view...
images (3).jpg

Beautiful! nice shots @herzmeister

Schön getroffen. Ein Regenbogen ist für mich immer etwas besonderes.

Follow und upvote an nem Gruß aus Aachen

How beautiful! Very much enjoyed🌺

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