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It was nice to be back in Berlin last week, after a long time. I think last time I stayed there for longer than a short gig it didn't even have the fully active Ringbahn yet. I also want such a Ringbahn here! :-/ It's essential to make public transport definitely more efficient than going by car.

Anyway, one of my first side trips was to the Spree river.



The Molecule Man, perhaps in the intended surrounding lighting conditions:


The eponymous main Treptower in the evening:


The Treptowers are named after the nearby Treptower Park named after the district Treptow. No srsly.

River, City, Cityscape

All photos shot by myelf with a simple phone cam. No macro or other special equipment. Unmodified and not cropped. License: CC-BY-SA.


Glad you enjoyed Berlin, the Spree, had good weather and, yes, "die Ring-Bahn" is just handy -

It wasn't ready yet in 2001 though, back then travelling across Berlin indeed must have been an Odyssey. ;)

You love in a very cool place!

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