Baking With A Baby

in #life3 years ago (edited)

Everyone who knows me, knows I love baking and cooking. Now, that is very true, however with the addition of a baby human in our lives things have changed just slightly. Im no longer able to dedicate 12-14 hour days in the job field selling my talents and sole to a company that I don't own. My days are now spent chasing a little guy who is trying to grow up way to fast and has somehow already discovered how to walk at the short age of 9.5 months old!!

It didn't take long to learn that what used to be a therapeutic hobby/career is now an almost impossible ask as I chase my boy around to try and keep him out of everything. So when my friends keep asking me for cakes and telling me to start a business from home, creating custom cakes, I laugh out loud.

Babies aside, somehow I was convinced by a good friend to do this baby shower cake. Although very challenging trying to execute while juggling the baby, I got it done. Wanted to share on here to help remind myself and maybe others with small children, that with enough determination and time management, it's surprising what can be done. Cheers to all the stay-at-home parents out there!