Don't be a slave to anyone's thought

in #life3 years ago

A few days ago, I was discussing with my man on working with an insurance company, and all he had to come up with was I wouldn't advice you to work in an insurance company because they'll end up using my head stuffs like that.



I was disappointed. So I thought that why should a man that claims to be my man not support what I have in mind to become in life.

We have had this very discussion uncountable times. But he still insists on not supporting me. So, I decided to discuss this same issue with him for the last time, which happened to be yesterday. He had no choice than to support me.

Although the look on his face wasn't so nice. He just said okay because he feels that I am over emphasizing on this whole thing.

So, very early this morning, I summoned courage to call a friend that works with an insurance company to ask a few questions about how it works, he gave me a good understanding of how an insurance company works and how discouraged him too in the first instance.

So, he asked me to keep pursuing what I aspire to become in life. Be determined to live your life.

Are you aspiring to become a banker, a caterer, a lawyer or a Doctor. Don't give up on your dream. If it doesn't pay now. It would pay tomorrow.

Do what makes you happy. And if you aren't so clear about some things, do not hesitate to meet with the experts in your fields. I promise you that the would be willing to expatiate.

It's better to work and earn money for yourself and by yourself than for you to wait for people to put a food on your table before you can survive in life.
Live your life to the fullest and stop living the lives of others.

Discouragement kills. Learn to encourage others.

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