Symbolism of the Summer Solstice

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Summer Solstice is not widely observed in Western Culture. Considering the extreme patriarchal nature of contemporary society, this is nothing short of ironic.
Of course, to do so would likely point to the need to observe, not just the Summer, but also the Winter Solstice as well, and by extension the Equinox of Spring and of Fall. That's a slippery slope for a strictly monotheistic culture.
As God the Son made clear, we must worship only God the Father, for there is no other God than He. A policy that initiated duality and made schizophrenics out of us all.


But I digress. The symbolism of the Summer Solstice is acted out before our eyes as well as within our souls, this very 21st day of June 2018.
Today the masculine power of light and discernment (played by Earth’s greatest star) reaches His zenith!
Internally the same cycle is enacted in an inward parallel by the mind reaching its most extreme state of division from the body as it strives to achieve the highest possible level of consciousness.

Sounds like a good thing, all except for the part about division from the body. Being torn in two can be problematic, but the fact is, that’s how we achieve consciousness. It’s only through division that we experience self-reflection. The eye cannot see itself. Self-reflection is division’s great virtue. It’s the climber of Everest, able to turn and see…well, mostly other peaks. At that point we’ve left the world and squalor of humanity far below. Detached from the pull of instinct and emotion, we can see with utmost conscious clarity, all that lies before our eyes.

The spark of awareness, which is really what we are, can experience this cycle. Today at high noon we can feel its impact, maybe over lunch. Maybe where ever we are and whatever we’re doing, we’re suddenly able to see life in a larger context. Maybe we’ll be able to see what we want to achieve and how to get there like we never have before.
But it’s more than likely we’ll be too distracted and remain mired in the consumption of our McDonald’s burger, never taking our eyes off of our fries, never taught to take advantage of the archetypical potential that the moment offers to our temporal lives.


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