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Can no one see this smile I am faking?
See how, inside I am constantly shaking
My friends say they know me well
Yet no one sees me through my shell
I guess my pretense is just too real
That no one knows how I really feel.

Nobody knows how I feel inside just because I smile
Nobody knows that that smile forces up bile
No one knows the tears I have tasted
Nor the times when I feel wasted
For I decided to build up my great wall
Afraid that in society's hypocrisy, I might fall.

A lot of things I wanted to say
A heap of thoughts I wanted to convey
Yet, every time I took the courage
Everything runs back to its rightful cage
For I am afraid of what others might say
For I am afraid it would result to utter dismay

My mind is swimming in a chaotic sea of nothingness
Like a lost soul filled with restlessness
Could not even comprehend when it all started
For all I know, the world I'm living is corrupted
A world where society defines who am I
Leaving me with two choices, to COMPLY or to DEFY.


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