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Responsibility is taught to be by many as when a person is well mannered, well spoken, and decent in dressing, modest in carrying out any given task and a person who possess a sense of good judgment. Though, in reality, it is far more than the combination of the opinions of people.
Responsibility is a function of choice. You have the power to make the right choices, which will in turn improve the quality of your life and your relationship with others. This power to make the right choice is called responsibility. According to the Advanced Oxford Learners Dictionary, responsibility is defined as the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force. Another definition based on my personal understanding is simply your ability to respond positivity to the issues or choices of your life. You may choose to blame your spouse, in-laws, religious leaders or even the government of your country for the short comings in your life, but the truth of the matter is, you are responsible for were you are via the choices you made whether by default or design.


For example Mr. Thomas, a very close family friend, always reminds my siblings and me, the benefits of making the choice to be educated. He said, for the past twenty years, he has applied for several job opportunities only to be turned down because, he can’t read or write. He feels sober anytime he remembers the wrong choice he made by rejecting the offer of formal education given to him by his late parents. So, he encourages us not to make similar mistakes and always explains to us the good associated with being responsible.


There are three basic ways to respond positively, which in turn will bring about personal development in our lives. They include; show initiative, speak the right language and focus on your area of influence.
To show initiative simply means to lay hold of opportunities as they come i.e. don’t wait for opportunities or things to just happen, make them happen. Act now while, the time is right, don’t wait because, if you fail to act now, you will suffer the consequences in the future. If you need to learn that trade, whether you have the required resources or not, take that step and do all you can to learn the trade because, when all is said and done, you will be glad you did.


Speaking the right language is a sign of maturity. Maturity is not a function of age, but a function of your ability to reason and communicate effectively. How and what you speak shows your level of responsibility. So, instead of blaming your spouse or children, for the failures in your life, its’ better you say “it’s my entire fault and I will do all I can to fix it”, that is being responsible.


To focus on your area of influence means to channel all your concentration to your area of strength. We all have our unique areas of influence so, it serves us more to invest our time and energy in that direction, which in turn heightens our personal development by making us masters in our respective fields and also increases our circle of influence.


Finally, your effectiveness as a leader emanates directly from your level of responsibility. Your personal development as an individual is measured by how responsible you are. So, take decisive actions today to secure the future you desire, stop the blame game and become a better you on a daily basis.


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