Blue elephant pills

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The Blue Elephant pill is a drug designed for the children of children, as it is said, most of its customers are residents of high-end areas and international university students.

What is the blue elephant anesthetic?
Is a chemically treated pill containing DMT (also known as dimethyltriptamine), a substance released by the human brain just a few minutes before death,

Which moves them from real life to another world full of audio and visual hallucinations because of the rapid drug effect on the body and the nervous system, especially on girls.

Where scientists were able to obtain this substance through some plants and animals, and then processed as a chemical.
Duration of the Blue Elephant Effect
The Blue Elephant effect starts after two seconds of use, and lasts about three hours. During this period, the person enters the auditory and visual hallucinations.

It is said that this condition surrounds man before death. Once these pills are deactivated, anyone can regain consciousness again.
Ways to abuse the blue elephant anesthetic
Experts confirm that this drug is used by smoking, injection or sniffing, or by mouth in the form of tablets.

The use of this drug has started in some countries, such as the United States of America and South America.

It is still being used in some areas for reasons related to traditional customs. As a result of the fact that this drug is based on DMT found in plants and animals, some promoters try to convince people that it is completely safe in terms of use.
Blue elephant anesthetic damage
One specialist pointed out that this drug has many psychological and physical effects devastating,

Where this narcotic drug is transferred from consciousness to the state of the unconscious,

By fully controlling the nervous system, and anesthetize it completely, in addition to the weakness of memory or erase completely.

This drug also affects the brain cells in the atrophy. Once the effect of this substance has been achieved, the rate of auditory and visual hallucinations increases.
Withdrawal symptoms associated with DMT
And the withdrawal symptoms associated with the cessation of DMT, specialists say that the cessation of this article accompanied by a series of serious physical and pathological symptoms, which may reach the extent of cardiac arrest and sudden death, God forbid. Therefore, it is recommended that such cases be treated under full medical care and in one of the specialized centers.

It is worth mentioning that this drug is more dangerous to people with some previous health and psychological problems, which exacerbates the problem and increase the feeling of anxiety and mental disorders, which makes these people more vulnerable to harm themselves, and may consider suicide.
One study confirmed that about 75% of those who tried the pills tried to commit suicide, and 25% of the sample of the studies became suffering from psychological diseases that need a long treatment trip because of the scenes they saw under the influence of the drug.

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