Determining Priorities Is Key

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Back almost two years ago (wow, two years ago already!), I caught the homesteading bug. I watched videos on homesteading and got all excited! I wanted to do this and that and the other thing all at once. Not surprisingly, my enthusiasm slowly faded as I inevitably overwhelmed myself.

In the beginning of my homesteading ventures, one of my top priorities was doing things "the right way" or "the best way." I thought I could make the one-size-fits-all principle work. Silly me. Slowly but surely I realized that that wasn't going to happen. If at the very least simply because every one has different priorites.

Trying to do everything one way became frustrating. This summer, I decided one of my my top priorites would be keeping my sanity while providing my family with fresh food. This meant taking some shortcuts. For example, I was planning on using straw throughout the whole garden. That didn't quite work out (but that's a topic all on its own). Instead, we till. And it's working out beautifully! Our food is still organic; no need for herbicides. My garden looks like a vegetable garden and not an overgrown forest, so that is a win in my books!

Another thing I'm doing different this year is preserving in the way of freezing. I originally wanted to do canning, but frankly, freezing is easier. If I can be motivated to save more foods because I can get it done faster by freezing, than I'm going to do it! Something is better than nothing!

So in the end, it's only taken me a couple years to learn that I need to prioritze better if it means I'm going to get much of anything done. And as time goes on, I'm sure my ways will evolve as our life situations and priorities evolve too!

What about you? Was there a time you had to make changes to your plans because you realized they simply weren't working for you?


Fixing our house up had been #1 priority since the day we bought it as a foreclosure. Lets fix that! Paint that this color. Tile that wall. Plant these shrubs over there. Make a double garage door. Make raised garden beds....etc It never ends and there are still things I'd love to get done. But it might just be time to say good enough, and be done with it.

Sit down, breathe, understand your priorities and go from there. Best of luck with the rest of your projects!

I know what you mean! We were the same way. Looking back, I'd do things differently. But now it's time to just keep the focus forward.
Thank you! And hope you can rest and enjoy the work you've accomplished!

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I have found Homesteading a fluid target myself, but being able to adapt is the very core of real homesteading.

On preserving, Do what works for You! I am toying with the idea that I can put a pressure cooker inside a freezer, and pull a Vacuum to freeze dry veggies.

My plans have to take a subordinate spot to taking care of Her, so timelines are elastic. But She is worth it, LOL!


No, I make everything work for me. lol. It's my way or the highway. It only took you two years to figure that out..that's pretty takes most people about 50 years and some people NEVER figure that out!

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