The first step is to make a difference in the future

in #life7 months ago

The past will always be there, lingering deep in our memory. We cannot prevent our brain from recalling it nor that we cannot prevent any events in our life from triggering the memories. The same goes for our emotions. We cannot avoid having a few uncomfortable feelings around certain memories. We just have to accept the fact that all of that is a part of us. It is our past and there is no way we can alter the past. We just have to go through with it and keep moving forward.

Indeed, we cannot do anything to our past but we sure can do something for the future. We can set our goals again and again until we find the right goals to work for. Once we get that we can move forward with precautions guided by our past, so that we may not encounter the same fate again.

Everyone is working hard to get a better life. I do not have a sure definition of what a better life is but that is what I am aiming for too. It could mean as long I am happy and content with my life.

I started with the sentence, 'I want to... ' and it often brought me back to square one. I decided that I should start with the sentence, 'I need to... ' and it will bring me right where I need to be.

Therefore, as of today, I need to have better financial budget management for this month's salary and I need to find a solution for me to get another source of income other than my main salary.

I will restart my journey with these two and I will let you know how it goes in my next story.

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