Stranger at heart

in #life2 years ago

I once thought I know you well,
I once thought I have done enough,
Less that I know I am more wrong than right.

It has been a while and we are living quite well,
It's not the perfect life I once wish for...
It's just enough for the both of us...
To earn happiness in our own way.

I hope nothing change between the two of us,
For the sake of her, our precious angel.
Less that I realize something is changing.
My heart felt empty,
I still cried some of the time,
I feel lonely in the crowd.

It used to be easier to forgive,
It used to be easier to let go of things,
It used to be easier to let you enter my heart...
A thousand time without a lock on the door.

And now...
It felt like I never knew you.

I know your name,
I recognize your face...
But inside,
It felt like we are a stranger.

You always doubt me,
I never felt your trust,
I have been told that you does not deserve me,
Are you really don't?

It has always been so restricted in movement with you,
You showed no respect,
Instead you want to be acknowledged as my leader,
You gave me more pain than love...
I should have realize my suffering a long time ago.
Perhaps I am just blinded by all the promises that never been fulfilled.

You taught me about sincerity but where is yours?
You taught me to be honest and that is the reason I fall for you.
Now that I realize, you have been lying since the beginning,
You made me a stranger in your heart too.

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