Running on faith

in #lifelast year

A few years back I once prayed that God will help me to reduce my obesity. I failed to do so for so many years. One day I said to my ex-husband that God probably doesn't give me ease in financial problems because I fail to reduce weight.

Now that I have been living without enough money for food and petrol for the car, I have managed to reduce about 12 kilograms from my previous weight. My BMI is now gone down from obese type 2 to just obesity. I am aiming to reduce another 15 kilograms to reach a BMI of only overweight status then slowly go down from there.

I thought perhaps God is granting me my prayer therefore I need to reach my dream body weight and fitness for my financial situation to be blessed. My only wish now is to be fit enough to be equal to my daughter's endurance so that I won't be won't breathe before she does every activity that we are doing.

I start training myself for hiking and stair climbing and I still cannot go through 4 levels with ease. I still need to stop a lot for me to catch my breath.

Well, I hope this is just my new beginning. Again.

This time I will make sure I reach my goals without regrets. I used to have no regrets about everything that I decide, but now I feel like there are a lot of regrets in me. I would like to compensate for all the regrets with feelings of gratitude someday.


I'm glad to hear that you are meeting your weight and fitness goals. It takes time but if you keep doing what is working for you, I am sure you'll get great results! I wish you all the best :)

Thank you. I do hope I can make it this time.

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