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Being alone in raising a child is surely not an easy task. I cannot even imagine those single parents out there raising two or more children on their own.

I have only been experiencing this situation for a year and it already feels like I am a disaster or a failure. I felt like I am incompetent in giving a bright future for my child.

I failed to control my temper most of the time. I failed to provide good food, leisure time, and enjoyment that a child should have. I do not have the patience to tolerate her inability to be obedient especially when she is doingbdanherus things like climbing the window, running around with scissors, and a few more.

How do I protect her?

How do I keep her safe?

How do I make her happy?

How do I make sure that I can provide nutritious food for her?

I guess this is normal but I just want to let out a bit of this uneasiness through writing here since I do not have anyone to share this with me. Almost everybody around me is tired of listening to my complaint since I have not been able to settle my issues for years and I keep on having new issues every year.

I am hoping that this year will be a great chance to change my life for real since last year had been the most courageous accomplishment I have ever done. Choosing to be a single parent is the best decision I ever made for my child.

It has been great until now but it can ne better if I can solve my financial issues. I believe I will make it better and I do not plan to give up now.

This year will be a struggle but next year will be the start of all the good things that we had missed before.


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