Hoping that it is edible enough.

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Mt little one always searching for snacks and if I can't give her something to bite on, she will start biting anything as long as she can chew.

I only have flour, salt, cooking oil and sugar at home. No extra money to buy snacks for her. I'm hoping that the price of steem increase some more so it is worth a sale but maybe it would be better to wait some more. Just maybe.

Well, in solution to the snack problem I just mixed all the 4 things I have into a dough, make it onto small round shape and flattened it before I fried.

It became like pictures below.

First try.

Second try.

It's simple but crunchy and I'm glad that she actually love it. Maybe I'll make some more tonight.

Hopefully tonight we actually have more but if there is no extra, I'm still grateful for what we have. It's not enough but just nice. I still do wish to have more though, if I say I didn't then I will be lying 😅.

Well, hoping is not wrong I guess just not to much or I'll totally be extremely dissapointed 🤣🤣.




So it's more like keropok style eh 🙂

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🤣🤣 Yes, you got that right. Maybe next time I'll tried that with egg or minced vegetables, (cooked first). It's fun to make and you can control the amount of sugar and salt to add. Forgot to mention, the water to knead. Maybe if I use majerin it would have richer taste but majerin is out of budget 😅😅

By the way, how is the #hasil2020 project in your opinions?

#hasil2020 works for me, I had to change my target from 2400 to 3600, and change again to 5000 all happen in one year time 🙂

Sounds like a great improvement.

Exactly. Setting a target is one thing, but regularly review it, make changes along the way, fix the journey to get there and we're on our way 🙂 !tip !shop

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That looks good. She has problem with her teeth or just likes to eat?
You can easily make cookies or bread with it too or... pancakes. 💕

She just like to eat I think 😅 or like the other said. Her teeth is still growing or something like that.

I would love to make cookies or bread but the truth is, I can't bake 😅 No equipment and most of all, No talent 🤣🤣🤣 but I do want to learn someday when I've got more free time in my hand and less brains work for surviving a day only 😅😅

@heartbeat1515 It is not difficult to bake. You do not need to have talent for it. You made this and that is creative.
If you have an oven you, ingredients, a fork and hands you can bake. If you want to bake a pie you need a baking mold or a pan that can in the oven. I have seen people baking great pies in a pan in the oven. All the rest is extra. You do not need scales, you can use a cup or beker too to measure. ❤️

Maybe one day. When I do, I hope yo will still be here. I hope soon. 😅 got to get an oven first.

You can make pancakes and it is possible to bake a cake in a pot above the fire..If a pancake works in a pan some kind of cookies must work too.
You know what is an easy snack too? Stirring granola or nuts or raisins, sunflowerseeds etc through melted dark chocolate. You can make little heaps or cookies out of it. We do.it with old granola, cruesli, cornflakes. The children like it.
I will see if we can make cookies ir snacks in a pan with lid...that must be possible with basic ingredients like flour, sugar, a bit salt. 😁

I'll be here or you can search for my posts. 💕

Love the ideas. I'll be trying that. And thank you.

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