Facing the daily struggle

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"You are wasting your time by being stressed. Instead of being frustrated and stressing out yourself, why not use that time to think about a solution?"

"Stop thinking about tomorrow for a while. Think about surviving today for now and leaving the other for tomorrow."

These are the two quotes by M. Leonard. It really helps me to lessen all the crying I am facing at night. It occurs to me that I have been spending time crying and stressing myself out over a lot of things unnecessarily for the day because the only thing I need to do is survive today and repeat it daily.

Sounds easy?

Absolutely not.
It is not as easy as said but it is possible to be adapted into our daily life or habit. It can be a habit. For those who are in the same shoes as mine, we might think that life is not fair.

Well, I did think of that all the time. I still do at a time but not as frequently as before. I start to change my way of thinking and that help me to conquer my day. One at a time. Life will not always be like want it to be. There will always be a reason for all the things that happen to us.

As for whether our life is good or not, it is up to us to decide. Nobody else can tell us that our life is miserable if we ourselves do not say so. Even so, open up for suggestions and opportunities because it is not wrong to upgrade or have the taste of a different situation than the one we already have. Getting out of our comfort zone for a while is alright because we can always come back whenever we want to as long as we keep our comfort zone safe.

There is a road that we can go and that allowed us to return but there is also a road that only offers one-way tickets. It is our decision to make and our future to live through.

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