Blessing on the table.

in #life7 months ago


Croisant is one of my favorite food.

I have this friend that often put food on my work desk every morning. He made sure I got something to eat for the day.

I asked him to stop but he continues providing breakfast. It is not everyday he said, he just love buying food but he does not eat much. It's rare for me to see a man that does not eat much. It worries me a bit that he is spending money for me without me having anything to repay him back.

I tried to cook for him but perhaps my cooking is bad and does not taste good on his tongue, he refuses to accept. Perhaps he just does not want to burden me to repay him.

His act of kindness is being followed by another collegue of mine.


She left me a vegetable on my chair before she went home. She also does not allowed me to repay her with anything. Everytime I manage to repay the kindness a little bit, she will give me another kindness.

It is not only this two person. There are a few more. I am extremely blessed with this kind of situation and I am deely grateful for it, with a little bit of sadness because I am not quite capable to do the same for them.

For then, I am going to work harder to improve my life and make them happy. Someday, I will be able to do the same thing they do. My prayers are for their health, wealth and happiness.


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