Do You Know Your Purpose?

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There will be days in your life where you question yourself, your dreams and your purpose. 🤷‍♀️

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There will be days where you scrap everything you've been working hard on because it has changed importance in your life suddenly.😵

There will be days where you feel so overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities of your existence that you feel you cannot possibly comprehend what you're "here for."🤔

There will also be days where it seems time and space have collaborated in your favor to give you exactly what you need. 🤩

There will be days where perfect ideas soar through your mind so intrinsically complete, that you feel filled to the brim with excitement and passion to launch them into action! ✨

There will be days where you feel like you are walking on sunshine and that every step you take is a dream! 🌈

There will be days where you're lost and confused, looking for that rainbow encrusted staircase to heaven you fell off of. 🙏

Life is full of ups and downs, but it's up to us to focus on what matters most to us and more importantly,what our heart calls us to! ♥️

Frame every experience as part of the journey, part of the greater plan and you'll find learning in every way possible so that you reach your dreams and fill your heart! 🙌

Not every day will be squeaky clean perfect as you might imagine you'd like, but every day is perfectly bringing you where you're meant to go! 😘

Love, Cece😘
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Hi @heart-to-heart:
Thanks for your post. :-)
I love the idea that we all ultimately have the same purpose: To be the best, the kindest, the most loving man or woman that we are capable of being, to let go of concepts of past and future and be here now. And everything else will then fall into place. To be the most beautiful expression of this human existence that we are able to be. Imagine how this world could be if we were all striving to be exactly that. :-)

Hi @happycoollove, I love your handle by the way! :) I absolutely agree! Getting on that path leads to more and more paths lining up for you! I always live by "be the change you wish to see" and I think you're right, if everyone lived in that way (even just a little bit) we'd see such a drastic change and it would be incredible! Good news is more and more people are stepping into that and technology is making it more accessible to find help and guidance getting there! Nice to meet you by the way! :)

Thank you @heart-to-heart: "be the change you wish to see" is beautiful. I agree that we need to practice what we preach and we mustn't forget that we are all connected. If one of us does not make it all of us do not make it. Nice meeting you, too. Have a sunny Sunday! :-)

What happens when somebody finds his purpose in life? Does that mean this person will be doing what he finds for the rest of his life? If so, than I don't want to find purpose in life which keeps me stuck in one direction. Life for me is an ever evolving process with many purposes on its road. One purpose in life feels like a dead end to me.

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Personally, I don't think a particular path sticks us to one direction necessarily as many transitions and changes will continue to come and go in life but I think finding that purpose, passion or path at the time is an incredibly rewarding experience which you can change or fall off just the same as you got on! No worries about stagnation, that wouldn't make much sense in the game of life! ;)

I agree but than the word purpose is missleading I would rather say its my goal in life to achieve something. What is the difference between goals and purpose?

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Greetings from the lost and confused since 1982! :0

Haha now @handofzara, I have seen you being completely opposite of confused ON HERE over the last couple of years ;) <3

Shhhhh . . . that is our secret!

I exactly understand the feeling in the first part of the post, like what I am here for? It's so hard find our purpose.

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I hear you! It can feel really tough to find the path and purpose but never give up! Follow your heart and by listening to it, life becomes more clear. The answer is there, it's just waiting for you to hear it! I hope you're able to hear yours and find exactly where you are meant to be! <3

The purpose you know sometimes inside of you!

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Exactly! It's all about honing into our heart's message and being able to follow that! :)

Hey hey, seems like we're on the same mood these days 😉
Check my last one if you feel like. Have a 🌈❤️day

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