Do you ever feel like life is poking you?

in life •  9 months ago 

me durian.jpg

Jabbing its dirty, little, gritty, annoying fingers into your sensitive sides and falling back into the floor laughing a high-pitched shrilling sound that makes you just want to rip your ears off?

I know I've felt that way many times-- begging life to "leave me alone!"

Hey, life can be hard sometimes brothers and sisters. I am the first to admit that but I have a little bit of insight that might help paint a more pleasant picture than the one I just painted above!

Look at what I am holding in this photo! It's SUPER SPIKY! I mean, it rips your skin off if you make any sudden movements but I am holding it confidently and gracefully...

Do you know why?

Because I trust it! Because I have formed a relationship where I understand how to maneuver together in harmony. I don't fear it, I don't avoid it and I don't disrespect it.

Life's kind of like my durian.

It can leave your hands bloody and torn open or it can gently guide you on your path. There are mishaps and hiccups sure-- I might trip and my durian might cut my hand open or I might be able to walk on a tight rope for an hour unscathed-- who knows what the future will hold.

All I know is that living in fear, letting pain and sorrow run our lives can only lead to lack of happiness, joy and love.

Go ahead, grab life by the tail-feathers and just trust in your flight!😘

Love, Cece 💓
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Very motivational post, I agree life can be hard and painful but we must accept it and search for happiness

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Lol your sign off got me thinking. Cece, do you love me? Sorry i couldn't resist! now I have the darn tune stuck in my head.

We're all due a little poke in the butt now and then to wake us up from our slumber that is our daily lives be it a good poke or a bad poke, it lets you know you're still alive and not just going through the motions

Excellent comparison, in life we must have security at all times.
Have a great day!!

No way wpuld I trust a durian. No sooner you discover it's heart, it stinks the place out.. there you go, another life metaphor!!!! Xxxx 💜💜💜💕💕

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