Two Years On Steem

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Yup, that's what @steemitboard told me five days ago. (I thought I Joined on Jan the 6th, or maybe that was my first post frankly it's hard to tell because well, it's been so long :D )

I feel like an old-timer already, minus the steem power of an old-timer ;p

So here's what I achieved in those two years:

A curie, an OCD curation, a Neoxian curation, Qurator's curation, and many more curations (if not all of them). I won some poetry contests and got other prises in different contests.

I have more than 2000 SP, 1300 follows and 62 Reputation (I wish I was a dolphin... ehh, I hope I'll be one during my third year). BUT those are just numbers; here's what means a lot to me:

Many people here "know" me, I joined plenty of communities and I'm sure I have friends in those I haven't joined yet and I got to "know" people from almost every country in the world.

Steem led me to Splinterlands and I have a decent collection that allows me to have fun while playing. I also got lucky a few times and got some expensive cards (that helped me collect those 2000SP and maybe more of them will help me get to 5000 :D maybe)

It also led me to steem-engin where I had some fun playing with tokens and trading them, I even made some profit.

(Some of) What I learned here,

I learned not to have expectations, not to take things for granted, not to trust people nor myself too much, not to do things I don't enjoy or things I don't believe in order to please anyone or to get rewarded in any way. I learned that dreams may or may not come true in the expected time but that it's only up to us to keep dreaming or to give up, temporarily or permanently.


Happy Steemiversary buddy!

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Thank you ❤️
I wouldn't have remained if I didn't find a Fambalam :D

Congratulations twin 😉🎊🥂 2 Year on steem.
That is a Great achivement and what you achived here even more 🤗 Im Lucky to have met you and have you as my twin.
You are truly amazing. Much love 🥰🤗❤️

Thanks twin ❤️
btw how long have you been here? 3 years maybe?
I hope we stay close :) forever

Congratulations on reading the two year mark! 😃
@enginewitty shared this on PYPT and we are all happy for you!


Thanks a lot :)

congratulations on 2 years on steem i cant wait till my anniversary but ill have to wait but huge congratulations for 2 years and for staying on steem engine witty pimped your post in pypt :)

Thanks, Chris :)
And thanks witty <3

Congratulations on your two years on steem...many more successful years to come!!

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I have a feeling you've been here longer, haha! :D