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Life is definitely not a question of luck but a question of choice.

I could make you believe that I'm luckier than you ... but do not let that small window of my life that I choose to show mislead you ... I do not show you the hard working hours, I do not share most of my anxieties, my headaches and pains, my moments of doubt or depression ...

So please be discerning 🙏🏾

The place and the situation you are in right now is the sum of the choices you made (or did not make) and this has nothing to do with luck in my opinion 😊

The wind blows the same for everyone, it is up to you to CHOOSE in which direction you want to go.

Have the courage to be yourself and make your own choices.

It's YOUR life and no one else's. Take full responsibility !!


Thank you so much for this quote, it complets my post :) Happy new year @jimeryl

Happy to know you like it, i just discovered this great coach recently and your good quality post made me immediately think of this quote i like the most, so i shared :) Happy new year to you too @hazelnuts

I couldnt agree more! I am looking in the mirror and confronting my actions to make a positive change.

Btw... Where did you take that pic? Looks awesome

Hello @michaelevans ! Picture was taken last year, Wadi Rum desert in Jordan !

That is cool! @lyndsaybowes does a walk with me blog that many here on Steemit participate in. Since you are around some gorgeous and unique scenery you should post something on it. Put walkwithme as the first tag in your post. Will you give it a try?

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