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“Time is Gold”. A very popular saying that can be heard everywhere especially when you are late at work. I never fully understand this saying until I have my own family and became a mother to three-wonderful children which I learned most the importance money. If you are lack of it, you’ll be stressed of thinking what to do. Sometimes you may think to double your job but it’s not possible because you don’t have time.


Actually, there are 5 things that can explain why we considered time as gold.


✔Time can’t be brought back.

You can not brought back time when its over even if you desperately want it. Time machine in human evolution is not possible. It is just a fun myth. There’s no way of turning back time. This is why a lot of people regret and kept on saying, “If I can only turn back time, I will give everything to have it.” On the other side, when your material things get lost, you can still have it. If you lost money, you can still manage to get it back. However, time is not like this. It can’t be brought back.


✔1 Day has only 24 hours.

Everyone in the world is fair when it comes to time. Rich or poor – we all have the same 24 hours a day. The only difference is we used it very differently, which makes us poor, average and rich. You can spend your time efficiently, if you want to change the status of your life today. You can’t just depend on your relatives’ fortune or hope in winning lottery. You can earn more money if you value your time and others as well.


✔Time can be trade for money.

How? Just get a job and watch the next 30 years of your life for a monthly salary. If this is the best option for you, then you live in another saying, if I born poor, I am poor forever. Is it really the life that you wanted to be? Is the salary you are receiving worth of your time? Do you have not dream to become rich? Are you that dumb enough? Even kids dream of a better life. Think wisely!


✔Take advantage of your time.

Did you ever think why your colleagues get a lot of work done in just 8 hours than yours? Simply because they take advantage of their time. Learn how to prioritize first things that need to be done. Beware of nonsense chatting and using the company’s Internet access to personal use. It can also help if you have your daily checklist of your responsibility. Give yourself your own deadline in every task to be completed.


✔Make the most of your time.

Time is limited and we never know when our time in this world will end. Spend our “golden” time with loved ones. Enjoy every moment together. While we are busy making money, don’t forget to schedule family bonding once a week. Take care of the people around us. Spread love to everyone. True, we can’t please everybody but at least we did our part in creating harmonious relationship not only at home but also to the people around us.



We are just living temporarily in this world. Life has a lot of something to offer. Don’t just live in despair. Learn how to manage your time and spend wisely.

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Wow,this is beautiful,how you use your time will determine how your life might turn out ,make wise use if your time,very good post and motivational .

Thank you for dropping here @asekevwe

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