Trying to solve the worlds issues

in life •  last year

A while ago a few friends and I were having some deep philosophical conversations trying to come up with the best way to save the world. Now before you read just a few sentences, move on, or feel the need to rebuttal... Here me out.

Now it all breaks down to parenting, but this also has a few prerequisites. For this to work the parents have to be educated, interested, and patient. Which I know is too much to ask, but if all the parents of the world raised there children "Properly". The worlds issues would be solved in a couple generations, and we could live in an almost Utopian society.

As i'm sure most of you are wondering what I consider proper parenting and what credentials I have to talk about such a subject. First what I would consider proper parenting. This is a difficult question because there are so many cultures to take into account. It would have to begin with not the banishment of religion, but looking at it as history to learn from. Everyone should be required to study all the major religions and there beliefs, including scientific. So parents should raise there children with an open mind regardless of bias. Parents also need to raise there children without violence verbal and non verbal.

I'll be glad to go into this deeper if anyone is interested in talking about it.

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