Uncommon Pets

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The Chinchilla’s make a really good house pet for small families and can be considered a low maintenance pets. They would make good pets for teens and above. They would be too much for a little child to handle alone. These rodents are a little ball of energy.

Chinchilla are light weight and very fragile and would zip away are left to be loose in the house.

Chinchilla are sensitive and would not want to be grip to tightly and can bite if provoked. These pet hardly make any sound and have very thick fur.


Hedgehogs may seem like an unusual pet due to their appearance, but they only stiffen their spines when they feel threatened. This pet is the type to prefer to be by themselves.

Hedgehogs are very shy creatures, however they will develop a good personality, through the owner taking the time and commitment to interact with them. Bonding with them is like bonding with an infant.

Bearded Dragon Lizard

Bearded Dragon Lizard are one of the gentlest reptiles in existence. This lizard like attention and once in a while enjoy a misty showers. Most of the time these lizard are keep in the same glass aquarium and have great temperament.

These pets are not what people usually consider getting as pet, however all of these pet are low maintenance, lovable, and caring.

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Cool. Do you own any of those pets?

I have two Crested Geckos! Do they count? 😸

Of course 😍

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