With All The Fires, Social Media Censorship, The Failure Of Technology...It's Time To Break Out Of The Robot Routine

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Unable to trust these A.I. News algorithms, in the meantime it's becoming more difficult to breathe with the smoke in the air, don't remember smokey summers year after year like 5 years ago. The consumerism machine has failed, late capitalism has weakened. You could find yourself as a robot machine ready to shed all the mechanical relations and reactions. Choose to fight, face off with the faceless interface!! Social media apps on cellphones has seemed to replace almost all human interactions. Still the grimmer drone works to sickness to purchase mere trinkets. The vacation is just another addiction to a runaway impulse and so to hide the emotions. Walled off domesticated resentful animals. Wired to have a piece of the pie, obey or to just snap and be hauled off. Snuff your brain off with prescribed legal medications. Instead of a blissful mediation in meditation in facing your fears against all insult. Ease into your discomfort.

The interesting times will come only if I can make them more interesting. Now in a world of Underwhelmed, much lack of stimulation, any replacement of healthy stimulation has a harm effect. The mere simulations cause adverse reactions. Tied to the zeros and ones you become one big zero!! Uh oh!! Where do we go from here. The surreal loss of confidence in state and corporation. It is not longer a conspiracy when you know your not a benefactor of the rich industries that seem to only rely on plunder. It is better to do without than make do.

A turnaround in philosophical thought, ways of looking at the spectacle of the spectrum. Even industry could change to much more greener means. What if masses gave up certain kinds of consumption schemes. We will not be entertained! By tainted technology and television scripts. Reality tv could never be real reality for real. There is no deal only ideal.

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Oh wow, you nailed this one my friend! You are seeing exactly what I have been experiencing here in Wa state but I am seeing a lot more people opening up and seeing it for what it is and reconnecting with the earth and its toxic environment and dropping off the grid. I am also seeing a lot of long time addicts just suddenly deciding they have had enough and just stopping cold turkey. I work with a lot of healers and we are all feeling a change in progress. Even yourself, wow..just the past few weeks it shows in both your writing and your art. What about what is good about this beautiful planet? If you look for negative it recreates you but if you look for beauty and goodness, you create it.


Somehow I feel an energy shift too! While gentrification continues and while the false economy struggles many feel they have had enough. Thanks for the report on what you are seeing from people and healers in your community! I aim to keep a form of confidence facing in the good will direction.


BTW I resteemed! Wake em up!!!

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We lose more of our connection with nature, ourselves, reality. That's why I love gardening, meditation and martial arts. I hope to move to the country side in the next couple of years.


Yes gardening has kept me sane, look forward to having more solitude for meditative experience I know that's good and it's good to keep kinetic/physical with something like martial arts for sure. I also find reading books can add context to the cultural/social experience.

Air pollution is the huge problem for all of us we have to control it...


I agree, there are many forrest fires here, I am not near them but the smoke has blown all this way

I am break my robot routine.Thanks for sharing sir @havok777


I am glad you like that idea! No prob


Thanks sir

Beautiful combination of green color with multi colors!!💙💚❤
Amazing art work @havok777!!
I really loved your post. 😍😍😍


Thanks yea, I seem to use allot of green lately huh! The colour keeps me up!

Great post. thanks for sharing this post. appreciate your life....


It was my pleasure to share this

Great post.i like it this post. thanks for sharing post...