We're Vicious Little Beasts On The Plane So We Ought To Be Good To Each Other And Ourselves Especially.

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Ever get that notion where all can seem animalistic and non-sane? Like bloody nonsensical, like a way warped train of illiteracy to history, overall cultural illiteracy in general. Just believe whatever comes down the chute, whew do I need to take a break!? Ya for sure, come off it, meet on another level to chill, 'nother plane, do we have a will!? Ya when you are aware of the brutal aspect you wanna be good to yourself and others. Like real love always makes one want to be a better person, for themselves. Then unless the partner is on the same way of life enhancement a confusion would have the relation fall apart. At the point where the personal enhancement of the partnership is how you enhance and compliment the others attributes, then all is well. Isn't love about loving yourself better so you don't impede your loved one's growth, in the case of any close relation? The false economic is about distraction and interruption, a false ego to brainwash. Ego is good, it's great!! It's only how it's done. You can't love your fellow kin and humanity as a whole unless you love yourself. I never believed in that humanity as a virus rap. Perhaps my re integration of Hope Punk.

Just back to that don't worry no one is in control thing. Good thing the so called leaders are idiots otherwise we would be in bigger trouble! Whew! Take a break, take a step back! I don't want to be okay, I'm not okay!! I want to be more than just okay!!!! Yup, don't like to be depressed or grim either, yet I know the way I take it is if people are still suffering out there and here in these lands then yes we do have something to cry about!!! Comrades, brethren, kin are in need of true recognition! In Canaduh here the original peoples of Turtle Island are still oppressed by the settler colonial culture structure. You come to see the law is a joke, the false economy is a joke, and one of my favourite bands right now is Killing Joke and I'm not kidding!! It's real shit, looking at raw history can be brutal, experience revelation. The papers are pansy addressing the populace at a grade 8 to 10 level....addressing real issues!? Yea right!!! Marshall McLuhan is right, the only thing that changes with that medium is the date. Downturn in the economy has increased the opioid epidemic and upped the suicide rate yet the rich still get richer, income inequality has been steadily rising for 30 years!!

Well anyway enough of going on about all of it for now. Gotta go have a shower. Face what tomorrow has to offer. I love winter, still have some snow, at the same time spring is charging me up, make this a productive fun year!

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