@havok777 he literally says in the first paragraph "There is no value on being a millionaire drinking coconut water somewhere in Bahamas, if there is no one to share the moment with." Happiness and success is something all humans strive for, even yourself. Maybe you define it differently, but you are pursuing it.

Whatever perceptual bias you have that made you not read past the first paragraph, you should work on it because it is going to make you miss out on Truth. Truth can be found in all places, from all people, but if you start tuning out what you don't like and only focusing on what you like, you are the one who misses out on Truth.

@havok777 I need to comment this before I run out the door to start my day. You said it so beautifully and as we said in our NLP coaching: "Each of us has its own map of life" We are all here to learn from each other and have the right to live as we chose to. I just notice nowadays how people on social media say every little word, especially hostile one without no manners. I'm not saying don't express your thoughts, however,​ think before you speak as well. Just because you are not facing that person face to face, it does not mean​ you can blur​e it out like a cave man or even worse.

Perfectly said @sasharay. All the best!

Thank you @chbartist. To you​ as well!

Perfectly said @anotherhero you managed to explain it possible better than I could to our friend here.

All the best

Amazing @havok777 I'm super impressed with your comment, I will spend all week thinking about it... Its like I just found someone who says that he hates music and that person saying anyone who likes music is a sick person. I'm even impressed on your ability to communicate to, it could become a poetry book one day too... I would call it "the most brilliant mind in the world"

But hey, I respect your choices, no one is perfect and there is room for everyone's opinion..


good; very good impulse!

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