Probably Shouldn't Be Up This Late, But Uh..!? Chomp'n At The Bit Right!?!?

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Yup! Why not!? Where do these messages go!? Where is the ultimate massage! Haha!! I want to laugh and play and do it up!! Stay on the sunny side of morbid! There, yea. What can happen now!? Don't know. But I'd sure like to get into it. Break the echo chamber! Theres no need for hero worship. Remembering the repression of society, the bit of it in Christianity it seems, where those fed pure indoctrination can go mad from loneliness in repressive doubts. Then the so called rebel sold by society feeds the repression further. You are sold a stand in, a substitute for a relationship. That unreal god is the unreal person next to you who doesn't know how to answer a Childs good questions. So then they say a cigarette is a replacement for a real friendship.


Looking at the opioid epidemic it seems to have blown up lately. While wars are fought in Iraq for Alberta Oil. The manufactured economic downturn is blamed on the oil industry to try to ram more pipelines through sacred unceded Native territory. It's almost like they know no pipeline could go through so they harass First Nations trying to act macho 'cause they already lost. That's what it could look like in a political cartoon


Stop looking to the mainstream media, they don't know what they are looking at yet they got the surveillance state watching you!! Don't be brainwashed. Left and Right politics is a fraud, most celebrities are a fraud, might as well believe in conspiracy theory like they are all illuminati scientologist. Don't know, might as well be, are they selling Coke or Pepsi!?


So whoa, wow! Snap back. Going for a good real life crunch. I can only do really well if I work on myself, keep the sensitivity so what I produce can have value and meaning. I don't want to submit to the hell world, I wanna keep that genuine interest and enthusiasm. Not as a repression tactic, I want to know what's going on along with comprehensive history

Cool, got through this post, this day, this time of life, don't worry it's for me. Getting back to myself, even just remembering the last few years and feeling good about where I'm at, keep the tack, change the habit accordingly, keep creating some more fun sound experiments of experience.


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