Going Over As Switching Over

in life •  last month

Decent time, long enough day, fairly well it went, more bright out. Now tired again for a spell, gotta go to bed now. Oops. It's been well worth the time put in. Feel pretty good. Got the ideas abounding around. Made a little sound, bound to do more. Something that stuck in my mind was this guy working at the gas station. He was really well mannered and polite to the customers, the one in front was an elderly lady. He had an accent, felt like he was cultured towards everyone with enthusiasm, it was interesting. Kinda reminds me of the idea of what if everyone talked to each other like a Shakespearian play. That's what it felt like. Kinda inspiring in a way like imagine everyone cheered up and was real courteous to each other and expressive.

That's it for tonight, just wanted to get out a bit of that story.

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Good day.
Thanks for sharing this post.
I like it this post..

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Good times.

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