Are the people around you helping you or hurting you?

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This is a very important question for all of us that Are the people around us helping or hurting us?

A major part of who we will be becoming in life our needs to do with who we encircle our-self with. As you most likely are aware, it is smarter to be distant from everyone rather than with some bad company.

We basically can't hope to carry on with a constructive, satisfying life in the event that you encircle yourself with some bad individuals. Keeping away yourself from these individuals is never simple, yet it's a great deal harder when they happen to be dear companions or relatives.
As hard as it might be, it's something you have to address. To a specific degree, fortunes controls who strolls into your life, particularly as it identifies with your family and adolescence companions, however its up-to you to choose who you spend the most of your time with.

Any suggestion or addition to the above content will be really appreciated.


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I really like this post 👍

What you want to achieve in life determines the individuals around you. If they add value to your set goals, bond with them. If they are pulling you back, run.

Yes thats another aspect of it. Thankyou for adding to it

preople are just Humans

"Avoid evil, cling to the good" - perhaps a bad translation, but this is the Bible

You are right. Not only are we known by the company we keep, we are molded by those people.

Yeah company molded us

@haseeb.steemit, very nice post! Agree with you.

I like your appriciation

somethimes we think they want to hurt us, but they are not. we get angry and didnt like that person, but i true it shows us how we are and what we need to change. great post. thanks

Yeah at the end its upto you to decide who we choose.

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Oh even i was unaware of that 😊
Thank you

Here is what you can understand. Advice is just advice and can be unsolicited. Good teachers point they way, and not convince. They are a tour guide that let you learn for your self rather than offering up advice. They can show you and lead by example, and let you think for yourself. They can point to results and new ways of thinking with out coming across as unsolicited advice. They can awaken you to new ideas without coming across like a pushy or preachy person. They have a hands off policy and let you earn things for yourself.

You are very right all the above mentioned points are true