Birthday Salad Bowls

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Birthday Salad specially made by my sister. I had been eating lots of salad since I was diagnosed as a diabetic. My famy were very supportive of the recovery or prevention of diabetes side effects.

The salad above had:-
Potatoes cubed
Carrots cubed
Cucumbers sliced
Chicken bits shredded
Cheddar cheese shredded

And to be eaten with yogurt..... Mmm.

The second salad bowl was:

Croutons salad which contained of course croutons, corn kernels, crabstick sliced, tomatoes, purple cabbage and edamame beans. It is to be eaten with the olive oil with garlic dressing.

So, this was how I spent my birthday night with my family this year.

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Happy birthday! (That second salad looks so delicious!)