Game Of Thrones, Monsanto, and Flat Earth Theory ***TINFOIL HAT ALERT*** (For Entertainment Purposes Only) You have been warned.

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Now let me preface this: I am NOT a heliocentric denier. These are just a few observations and corollaries I have noticed recently. And honestly they have been bugging the crap out of me. Admittedly, I have never seen our planet from space myself either...

Lets start with the fun one.

Everybody knows Game Of Thrones The Wall....Winter is Coming....blah blah blah... (Unless you are boring and devoid of imagination and don't watch GOT. Then I can't help you.)
But the wall itself is intriguing. Synchronicity maybe? Sub conscience trying to tell us something? Illuminati trying to program us? Who knows?
Flat Earth Theory maintains that we reside on a dome or flat plane that possibly continues indefinitely. Surrounded by a huge "WALL" of ice that acts as a bowl holding the oceans in. Admiral Byrd (the famous Antarctic Explorer) made several expeditions in the region in the 1920s 1930s and 1940s. He is recorded saying that there is another land mass BIGGER than The United States directly past Central America beyond the Antarctic continent. Beyond? Thats interesting.

Game Of Thrones is about to start its 7th season. I'm not sure how long "modern" Flat Earth Theory has been around. I have been aware of videos from around 2012 and onward. BUT it was prevailing scientific thought in its day for thousands of years. Are the writers of GOT trying to tell us something?
Azimuthal Equidistant Projection.jpg
Just some food for thought.

Which brings me to BIG BUSINESS


It never made sense to me that big business, politicians etc... would wantonly poison our own planet. I mean, ultimately they have to live here too right? If they poison all the honey bees or genetically engineer our crops to the point where they wont self propagate or poison our drinking water or kill all the fish in the ocean or hunt buffalo to extinction, nuclear fallout, they are killing their own planet too. They have to know they will suffer alongside the rest of us.
Right? right...

Ahh...But what if they have a backup plan? What if they have an Elite Reserve somewhere that the unwashed masses don't know about? Somewhere that titans of industry and political elites can escape to if things get really bad. Somewhere BEYOND THE WALL. Like when Democratic Senator John Kerry went to the Antarctic one day before the 2016 Presidential Election. John Kerry. Former Presidential Candidate, John Kerry. Went to Antarctica? In the midst of the most contentious Presidential Election in generations? (I know I know I'm getting pretty tin foil hat here) Here is the NYT article.
Allegedly there are NO-FLY zones over Antarctica. But a google search can't validate or deny those claims. So the jury is still out on that one.

In conclusion. I have never been to space. I have not seen the Earth from orbit. So I cannot definitively say yes or no. I also cannot give too much credence to YouTube videos claiming the Earth is Flat with dubious proof. (However entertaining they might be) BUT you have to admit IT IS possible. Though not probable. It would not be the first time in history a government lied to its population en mass. I encourage you to keep an open mind. If history has taught us anything its that true empirical science relies on proof, not traditions or emotions, whether they are popular or not. Even if you are the only person on the planet that holds your particular views.
Galileo and Copernicus were both called heretics in their time.

Please comment with your own thoughts/ideas.
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Peace, HM

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