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Is there really a laid down map to success or wealth?

Waking up this morning having my quiet time, drowning in my pool of thought the question above popped up in my mind and since then I have been trying to answer the question. Ruminating on the question all I could come up with is there is no laid down path to success of which I will like to justify in this brief write up.

It sometimes amazes me when I see people trying to be a character successful author has laid down in their books. I'm not saying reading books is bad or incorporating one or two idea derived from reading into your way of life is bad all I am trying to point out is you can't keep living your life because some people has lived their life that way and turned out to be successful.

What works for Mr A might not work for Mr B

True success only come when you define your own path

Putting this in mind you should always try to aim at success not by being a character in books. By being a character in books you might be misguided as there some path that are not tailored to suit you.

Read books to sharpen your mind and strike as much as possible to create a path for yourself as you can also be an author when you are successful.

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