What's your New Year's Resolution?

in life •  22 days ago

For most of my life, I stubbornly refused to make New Year's resolution. I thought those were reserved for people who were not constantly trying to improve themselves and did not take the time to reflect on their lives as often as they should... you know adults.

However, as my age and my number of responsibilities have increased, I now understand why people use this day as an inspiration to reflect on themselves. At this point in my life, it is nearly impossible for anything to get done if it is not marked on a calendar well in advance. Having a day set aside to to do a self assessment and come up with a plan to improve is now essential.

As I looked back on this past year, the thing I noticed most was how much time and effort I was spending setting things up for the future. I need to make sure my kids are in the best spot possible when it times for them to leave high school (in 5 and 7 years). I need to make sure I have job security. I need to make sure to have enough money for retirement.

Obviously all of these things are incredibly important. My resolution is not going to be to party like its 1999 all year long. But I do need to make sure I am spending more time in the present. I can not stress out so much about the future that I do not have any fun now.

I spent a lot of time and energy setting things up for "the future". This year I plan to recognize that "the future" is now. My kids will be grown before I know it. I need to have as much fun with them as I possibly can.

I guess what I am saying is that this year i plan to heed the advice of one my generation's wisest and greatest philosophers... Ferris Bueller.

What's your New Year's Resolution?

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All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

- Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring


That Gandalf is quite wise... so is the one we have on Steemit!

Happy New Year!


I must have seen this trilogy like 15 times. No kidding. Extended version as well.

Happy 2019 to you too @gtg


@gtg, I wanted to show you this picture I edited you'd probably appreciate. Look at Gandalf closely for a bonus!!

Happy New Year everyone.


Glad you caught it! It took lots of tweaks and blending in, but as with any LOTR fan, good imagination will take care of the rest. Feel free to use it any time.

I must honestly say I do not do the resolution thing - I take it one day at a time and make sure I take it in and deal with whatever comes my way

I have to admit that I enjoyed both your post and the comments posted by fellow steemers about New Year' Resolutions. I couldn't help myself recalling Shakespeare's "Seven Ages of Man", according to which, as we grow up and get older, we take a different stance in life. So New Year's Resolutions tend to be different depending on what stage in life we currently go through.


That is a great point. My goals now are far different than they were when I was 25, or 25...

After reading the title of your post, I knew I wanted to answer something about spending more quality time with the kids. By quality time, I mean moments for which I am 100% with them (and not my brain being busy elsewhere with the everyday-burden). It is interesting to see that my resolution is similar to yours.

I am trying to do so for many years already, but there is never enough of these moments (especially in my case where I spent 30% of my time away from home because of work). The good news is that my traveling will get reduced a little bit in 2019. Only 5-6 days per month at most.

Happy new year, by the way! :)


That is great that your travel has been reduced! You will have more opportunities now. But I think anyone with kids knows that we need to take the step of ensuring that we take advantage of those opportunities. I hope you are able to "be there" with your kids as often as you can!

Happy New Year!


I will tell you in one year :)

I have to remind my partner about not forgetting about us while he’s working his arse off making sure we’ll be okay in the future. Hoping he makes the same realisations as you as we suddenly have a teenager and one not far off 😵

Hope you get that balance between providing for their future and enjoying them right now 😄

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Get something published.

I don't do resolutions but i will set a target. 10k STEEM power by this time next year. Not easy but with steady activity and growth hopefully i will get there.

If I had my time again I would definitely spend more time with my children taking as many photos as possible. The moment is gone far to soon. learn to enjoy every moment :)

Sounds like your resolution is to achieve a healthy balance in life. That's my resolution, too!

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That is a really good way to put it.

i think as for me its same 2018 will not change happy new year for you and all ur family

I will watch more Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Happy New Year!


That counts! Extended versions?


Of course. As much as possible. I'll even let the credits roll.

Getting rid of some debts I inherited...would be more than enough.

Steem wise, I'd love to reach orca status by the end of 2019.
Too ambitious huh?.. I know...but dreams are what set us in motion.

Happy 2K19 @hanshotfirst


Dream big!!!!

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No Resolution here but as "the journey is the reward" I look into a nice and interesting 2019.

Enjoy my New Years Greeting with my special best wishes to every Steemian