Romantic Steemians: A Love Poem You Will Never Forget by @hannixx42

in life •  2 years ago

The Ways of Love

Cling on to that which was never meant no matter how over shot and positively drenched it is in disbelief.

Leave uncertainty at the door and keep newly filled hugs alive by wrapping them around a sweet charming disguise.

Drip kind thoughts of accidental winks filling soaked sheets upon force fed finger tips upon smirking puckered lips.

Kiss cheeks that house the eyes of unintentional lies closing windows of coaching thoughts and a processed heart inside.

Take tiny steps on a walkway across a lovers spine while peering thoughtlessly towards the mosaic of a could be life.

Inch towards undecided and a missing wonderland as your decorated butterfly with long dark lashes sleeps.

Share an upside down frown stained in heart shape mounds traveling from an unknown but familiar town.

Hammer in day dreams and sew in patterns not yet realized just like this candy coated crypto steemian life.

Let love breathe like the wind blowing through your finger tips only to become irrelevant like life's ridiculous demands.

Send a letter without an address so it can come back to you reading "To the one I love the most of all."

With Love,


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