I sometimes remember my sweet memories

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All of us have memories, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, happy or sad memories. When we think about past, we become sentimental which means remembering beautiful and happy past incidents or events of life.
I also have some memories of my thrilling experience. I have been so adventurous ready to experiment new things and ready to take risks. I went for fishing I hunted I cooked I swam I painted the beautiful surroundings natural scenes I tried to compose tunes I loved nature and tried to discover new and different things with such beauty that impressed others.
It is all God gifted and then my struggle that I tried to polish my hidden qualities.


Looking cute

Looking handsome..

you look awesome..
I upvoe and follw u

its u . looking very handsome

Yes my brother its me. thanks for nice [email protected]

Thanks for sharing remember your sweet memories.

you looking nice brother

dude you look a typical geek with the specs....

YOur Eyes suggests that you work late night.... or may be because of glasses .. :)

Hahaha dear sometimes i work till late at night @ahsan047

Amen Angel <3

You looks Handsome! How are you dear?

Thanks dear @nirob I m fine n u?

Yeah i am fine dear.

Nice great# headeritalicbold****bold

Thanks brother.

Thank you so much for your this style of appreciation dear bro @irfanullah

you are looking awesome

Thank you so much dear @iwant

Sweet memories always give us happiness . Really nice looking bro.

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bhai jaan khilonon ki dukaan hai kia ya karyaanay ki :)

adorei suas lembranças.

looking like baby