Learn to reduce car expenses in 15 steps

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The car is one of the necessities of life today, and if you look deeply you will find that the car is the second item of your secondary expenses after the expenses of the house, of course there are a lot of those who find themselves consume large sums of money in spending on the car puts them in a crisis and a dilemma may push them to sell the car from the ground in order to reduce Expenditure.

The rising price of madness has become a huge burden on everyone. It is therefore necessary for everyone to look for ways to help reduce expenses, whether by reviewing some of the activities they are doing, by changing the way of life in general, or by reconsidering some Daily transactions accepted.

This is what we will talk about in the next few lines. How can we save on car expenses by easy things that we do not usually pay attention to, but if we decide to review them, we will waste a lot of money in them. That is precisely what we will learn today to stop doing. Complete strategy to reduce car expenses in several steps.

Careful leadership
Speed, slippage and brake pressure are all fuel-intensive things, so driving costs can be reduced by driving slowly and quietly, because violent driving consumes 33% faster than regular driving, especially on highways. To know that speed at an average will reduce fuel burning speed.

Stop the engine
In times of congestion, if you stop to buy something, or decide to wait for someone on the road, stop the engine, and do not worry about the time you will waste in restarting the engine, you will only take a few seconds.

Accept heat
Try to reduce your use of the air conditioner either by using it but at a temperature that is not too low, or stopping it entirely, because using the air conditioner consumes fuel from the car and will therefore cost you additional fuel costs. Of course, this is if you are not in a country where you do not have the option of dispensing with the air conditioner for extreme heat!

Use the appropriate oil
Not all kinds of oil suitable for all cars, there are types of oil recommended by manufacturers of cars of all kinds, you should be careful to provide your car with the appropriate oil so as not to damage the engine because the oil is the blood of the car.

Do not waste oil
As mentioned before, the oil must change every 3,000 km: 5000 km depending on the oil you use. However, you must know that the new car puts the plant in a 100000 km oil, so if your car is new, go after 7000. Kilometers to the specialist, and before that check your car yourself if the oil has changed color can change, but if it is still well without impurities do not harm to use for more kilometers.


Keep the tires
Tires that are not filled with the right amount will make you consume 3.3% faster, and if you neglect your tires in general you may be forced to change them completely, which will cost you a lot of money, of course.

Front tire allowance with rear
Front tires are often damaged faster than rear tires. If you feel that your front tires are getting damaged, replace them with the rear, giving them a longer lifespan and saving you new tires.

Be aware of help
There are many applications that help you, both by providing information about places that offer gasoline at competitive prices, especially in Western countries, and there are applications that warn you of congestion, which will save you money and time. There are applications that link you to service providers at competitive prices.

Do not underestimate insurance on your car, and do not neglect it in the belief that you will not benefit from insurance. Quite the contrary, insurance is one way to protect your car and reduce expenses, especially in case of accident.

Prevent your children from teenagers
Teenagers are trying to imitate their parents and the first way they think is driving. Of course, being a teenager means that he probably does not have a driver's license, and the feeling of rebellion inside him can lead him to driving at high speed, which may cause a disaster not only for the car but also for your son.

Take care of your car
This interest means checking the car and knowing maintenance dates, not missing important dates such as changing the car oil or checking the rest of the car fluids, as well as regular checks of tires and windows and mirrors, which will enable you to address any problem at the beginning rather than aggravate and force To incur additional expenses.

Filters are not filtered
As we have already talked about changing the oil for the car must consider changing the filters, because the liquidator in the car is a lung for humans, so if you want better efficiency and better performance of the car must be careful to change the filter after every 30 thousand miles or time after time of oil change, Which will avoid any damage that may occur in the engine because of the impurities that accumulate in the liquidator.

Small fixes
There are some small processes or repairs that you can do yourself without the help of a specialist, such as changing the battery, repairing car lights, cleaning the speakers, or door knobs, all of which will save you the cost of hiring a specialist.

Follow the traffic rules
So as to provide yourself with the payment of fines and irregularities, or more of the legal accountability that may in some countries reach prison.

Old car vs new car
The old cars, especially after ten years of use, need a lot of expenses, if you want to reduce your expenses try to sell your old car and buy the latest and less expensive of course, and some experts believe that the car after 100 thousand kilos needs to maintenance, Kilo, they may need to change the engine completely or make large adjustments to it.

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