Ideas in the art of persuasion to win positions

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Who among us never asked himself how to be convincing? How can I attract someone's attention and convince him of my ideas? , Many of us are right but can not deliver the truth to the other party, persuasion art is not good for many people, and some people have beliefs and opinions and closed minds prevent them from accepting new ideas.

Persuasion will bring speakers victory over those who disagree, and persuasion will succeed in the promotion and publicity of their products and goods, and persuasion propaganda campaigns will achieve unprecedented success, and will win the young staff to convey their views and ideas to corporate executives and institutions, Politically, politicians will succeed in building bridges of communication with voters.

Some of us do not know that persuasion is the art and science of its methods and direct and indirect methods, which aim to induce others to carry out what we want with their full will.

Direct persuasion is the persuasion that directly addresses the person or groups and is directed by messages clear and unambiguous and ambiguous, and does not need the recipient any effort to try to understand, and the goal is clearly evident, and indirect persuasion is usually the most intelligent method of persuasion it depends on The purpose of indirect persuasion is to induce others to carry out the desired goal of their own volition, and by their personal conclusion.

First of all, the ideas needed to be communicated to the receiving party must be convinced, and the ideas and views of the other party should not be ridiculed.

It is the art of persuasion to hear well and then put up your ideas, opinions and topics. Good listening is one of the first doors of acceptance of the speaker. It is one of the most important methods of persuasion. It facilitates the opening of the dialogue and gives the speaker an impression of the importance and love he has. And means to raise the attention of recipients self-confidence and enjoy the elements of personal attractiveness and good morals and culture and high-class elegance.

One of the most important techniques of persuasion is mastering the language and methods of dialogue. First, it is necessary to start by preparing for the subject and showing confidence in the other party and the amount of respect and respect. Secondly, the dialogue must be clear and unambiguous. The presentation of ideas should be logical , And Third: - Must focus on the substantive points in the subject and avoid the points not agreed upon.

In the end, it should be pointed out that the difference of opinion does not mean that I am an enemy to you. All human beings have the same freedom of agreement and difference, but the high-level dialogue remains a language of enlightened minds.

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