How do you write an address that attracts the most readers?

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There is an Arab saying: The book is clear from its title, and regardless of whether you agree with this statement or not, the title will actually lead you to read what is written after it, whether it is a message, an article, an advertisement or even published in the social media.

Imagine an address that does not lead to the written meaning, or is not tempting to read. Logically, the chances of reading the text will be reduced at the bottom of this title. If the title is attractive, and you are given a reading message, of course it will increase the chances of reading it.

"The average number of people who read the title of an ad is more than five times that of the rest of the ad, that is, you spend 80% of the price of this ad on the title. Is not the headline an important part of marketing?

"When you write a book, you've finished 5 percent of your work, 95 percent of the sales are in marketing, and the title is part of marketing, like Ogliffe," one marketer says.

Because the title reduces the content of the article or subject, which is the first to appear to the reader, it certainly represents an indirect authority on readers, must be written when it is written, and the writer must take into account the compatibility of the title with content, and must take into account the element of attraction and curiosity.

And we can say that the title is the smell of content, if the smell of appetite will tempt the reader, although the contrary will not pay attention to it of course. The title may be a pit or a trap that is designed for the reader to fall in or eat. Have you ever imagined a news story without an article? How many readers will you see?

The purpose of the title may be to name the text, description, attraction and attraction, or summarize the content.

Types of anomalies may be divided into:
1 - the real address: such as my introduction to Ibn Khaldun and ahaadeeth of Taha Hussein.

  1. Fake address: a reprint of the main address.

3 - subtitle to supplement the meaning: such as the introduction of Ibn Khaldun, the book of lessons and the court of beginner and news in the days of Arabs and Ajam and Berbers and their contemporaries of the Sultan.

  1. Formal title: Story, poetry or novel.

  2. Commercial address.

As for news animals, they are divided into:
1 - descriptive title.

  1. Quoted.

3 - Ask me.

4 - metaphorical.

  1. Confirmation.

  2. Highlights the value of time.

  3. Highlights the value of the.

  4. Highlights the number value.

  5. Uses such as or an argument.

10 - the analytical

Looking at commercial animals, experiments have shown that the longer title of 10 words sells more than the shorter ten words, and also reveals that the 8-10 word title is the easiest to remember, as I have also noticed in social media channels.

The expert Kevin Lee explained that the title should focus on four points (4Us): benefit, speed, excellence, determination and clarity.

Here are some of the titles used in articles:

Convenient or useful pulses:
"The titles of published ads that promise the benefits of using the advertised product sell more than others," says David Ogliffe.

Examples of animals showing benefits include:

  • Can not you develop? 21 way to make your life easier.

  • How do you become in control of your problems?

  1. Shortcuts to become rich.
  • How do you earn friends and affect people?

  • How do you save time and finish things quickly?

  • How do you get a better job and get more money?

  • Who also wants to get a lot of money?

  • a way to help the poor to become rich.

  • Few methods are known to become rich.

  • Quick ways to solve a problem.

  • Now you can get out of your work and get a lot of money.

  • Get the money you can free the world in it.

  • The most important shortcuts for the lazy to become a millionaire.

  • Anxiety is heightened if you follow these points.

Anaphylaxis that pose a threat:
How do you insure your health?

Are you safe from infectious diseases?

  1. Warning signs showing that you have reached the age of aging

Warning: Do not forget your seat belt.

  • Can we really trust deputies?

  • The alarming facts about social media.

  • America's Big Trick .. Is It Useful?

  • How do doctors risk your life? 7 ways to protect yourself.

10 - lies loved to be fired by men and women.

  1. Steps to avoid aging.

Are you ashamed of obesity?

Use the wealthy

  • Like Bill Gates .. 20 steps to become rich.

  • The best 5 ways of writing by Naguib Mahfouz.

  • The Secrets of Self-Employed Millionaires Bill Gates, Trump and others.

Error warning

  • Do you make these nine mistakes at work?

7 - Mistakes in marriage make you like a fool!

-10 CV errors may keep your job away!

Addresses Question How ?:

  • How to become a millionaire without capital?

How do you work from home without leaving the profession you love?

  • How does it work a little and earn a lot?

  • How to use your mind to develop your life?

List Headings:

  1. Secrets you should know about successful people.
  • The reasons that made you miserable.

10 - Laws of happiness .. What is it?

  1. Steps to becoming a special person.

  2. Types of investors .. What kind of you are?

Titles that give a quick result

  • Quick relaxation.

  • Rapid beauty.

  • How to build memory in 4 weeks?

Change your life today.

  • How to get rid of anxiety in 5 minutes?

-100 way to get a million within 20 days.

  • How to lose 20 kg in a month?

As for social media, Kevin Lee pointed out that there are many formats used to write animations, specifically on Twitter such as:
1-The current situation and situation after the problem and then clarify the solution.

Example: Do you need an hour to edit photos? Imagine that you can shorten the time from one hour to 15 minutes, here's the link

  1. Identify the problem and focus on it and then solve it.

Example: Do you suffer from fear? Can not reach your goals, do not worry can solve it.

  1. Benefits and benefits: Complete social media tools help you to schedule publications and facilitate management.

  2. It can also focus on common people's objections such as time, money, feasibility, faith, need.

How do you write the title?
To choose a creative title for an article, news or even an ad, you can do a brainstorming exercise, which is to write 20 titles and then choose the best among them.

For this article, for example, we wrote 21 proposals for lobbies:

How do you write an address worth millions?

2 - Clear title of his book!

3 - Have problems writing the pet? Here are some points that will help you

4-50 An example of creative anunts will make you distinctive

5 - How to write an address noticed by the most readers?

  1. From title to declaration

  2. Secrets of advertising sells millions of dollars

  3. Want to attract people to your articles? Focus on the title

9 - Steps to attract readers to your writings

  1. How do you publish your writing without having to be a writer?

  2. Secrets that attract readers to your writings

12 - the secrets of the attractive pet

13 - Examples to become a professional in writing the animals

14 - How to write a title that attracts people and sells more?

15 - How to practice writing the animals in a short period?

16 - the attractive anunts

17 - Address and what you know what the title

18-titles lead to dollars

19- Need a title for your article? Here are 50 examples

20-More than 50 examples of titles that attract readers

21 - How to write a title without the need to be a writer?

In the end, we chose this title from 21 titles: How to write an address that attracts the most readers?

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