6 tips on working remotely: how to perform all the tasks without anyone feeling your absence?

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You can save fuel expenses and stay at home during bad weather and do your work in your own way.

Who does not like working remotely?
In my opinion, staying out of control and physical dimension makes it easy to lose concentration, delaying work, which leads to uncertainty about your ability to work on your own and may lead to loss of opportunity forever. Also, in terms of your chances of moving up the company, you may have the example of "far from the eye, far from the heart".

Six tips on working remotely
If you are working remotely, these are six tips on how you can be fully present even if you are not present in your body.

Be available and easy to reach you
Save your boss, your co-workers, and your customers many ways they can communicate with you. E-mail is the usual way, but also phone communication, Skype, chat programs and other messaging can be faster and more intimate. Do not make your mobile phone in silent mode and leave chat windows open always on The surface of your laptop. This gives you the impression that you are easily accessible throughout the working hours, increasing your credibility and confirming your willingness to cooperate and work together. When you happen to miss a call or do not discover an email once it is sent, contact the owner as soon as possible.

Increase the dose of technology
One way you can improve teamwork is to use sharing services like Dropbox, Bayescape and Google Docs. Being able to share files quickly and easily is a must for you to be able to work remotely. Sending different updates to large files has become an old fashion that is not popular now because it may cause you to not know which one is the latest version. Even if there are confidential documents, the company may ask you to use its file-sharing service.

Your ability to view the contents of your colleagues' screens is also important for creative people as they perform their work remotely. Google Plus Hangout allows users to work together to create documents through Google Docs at the same time, while Skype provides sharing of screen contents.

Be prepared for technical issues
No one will accept to hear that you have missed an interview or are late for a project due to "problems with your computer". Keep in touch with the IT administrator to help you with things like teleconferencing, backups of information and documents, updates to your software, and other technical matters. If there is no technical support team at the company and you are alone in this matter or if your company supports an operating system and you are using others, look for a local technical services provider and make your communication mechanism easy and available.

Be a constant non-permanent change
Try to keep regular work hours at a distance, so your supervisor and co-workers can expect when they can find you. It is also important to inform your boss and your team of the times when you will not be available by telling them from time to time and by using your automatic email feature to tell them you are not there at the moment. If you are working in a large organization with many branches, plan your day according to the timing of the main office or as agreed with the remote team.

Be a professional
Working at home may lead to the elimination of the boundary between the workplace and the place of rest, which may lead to the relaxation of tasks that you are supposed to accomplish or remain under stress all the time. From time to time, rent an office space to one of the major specialist companies that will provide all the support and services you need, which will make you focus on the performance of your task professionally without being distracted at home or have to give up the advantage of working independently.

Be there, with your body
Even if you are brilliant at what you do and always receive praise for your work, be sure to be visible and have time to face-to-face interviews. If you are working remotely in the same city as your company's head office, drop them down and attend company events and events whenever you can, even if attendance is not compulsory. When the company invites you to attend an interview or a public meeting, arrange meetings with your team before or after you to share with them. Also, interviewing your coworkers periodically, whether you have coffee together or lunch, will help you maintain a healthy working relationship with them.

Working remotely can result in greater productivity and greater satisfaction with your final product. Staying in touch with your colleagues and managers when you are not in the office will help you increase your chances of staying in the picture, not going through promotions or missing opportunities and tasks. Featured.

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